Seibu, who ranked 5th in the professional baseball and Pacific League this season, requested that Hatsuhiko Tsuji evaluate his achievements so far and take command next season, and that Tsuji accepted it, to the people concerned. I found out in the interview.

Director Tsuji has been in command since 2017, four years ago, raising the team that had been fourth or lower for three consecutive years to second place in the first year of his inauguration, leading to the league championship for the second consecutive year from the following year. ..

In this season, which is the fifth year of the one-year contract, the main players such as Hotaka Yamakawa and Shuta Tonosaki have left one after another and lost 14 so far, and the game behind the Pacific League's lowest-ranked Nippon-Ham Fighters. It is sluggish with 5th place without.

According to the people concerned, the team was ranked 3rd or higher in all four years up to last year, including two league championships, and this season also led to the improvement of the strength by pulling out young fielders while lacking the main force. He evaluated his position and requested Tsuji to continue to command next season with a one-year contract.

Tsuji, on the other hand, accepted the ranking, although he felt responsible for it this season.

The team will formally sign a contract after the end of the season.

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