On the 13th, pitcher Okada of Kansai University of International Studies, who was nominated as the first place by the giant at the professional baseball draft meeting, received a greeting from the baseball team and said, "I want to compete even with one army with physical strength and strength of the ball." I talked about enthusiasm.

Pitcher Okada was 22 years old from Taka Town, Hyogo Prefecture, and went from Nishiwaki Industry to Kansai University of International Studies.

It is a right pitcher that controls changing balls such as forkballs and sliders around a straight with a maximum speed of 157 km.

On the afternoon of the 13th, pitcher Okada received a nomination greeting from the giant Atsuhiro Otsuka, deputy representative of the baseball team, and Katsuhito Mizuno, the scout manager, and was told that "Director Hara is also very much appreciated."

Then, the pass of the draft meeting with the autograph of Director Hara was hung around his neck, and he smiled.

After that, the deputy representative of the Otsuka baseball team told the media companies, "I felt the strong feelings of pitcher Okada when I actually talked to him today. I would like him to win at least 10 as a starting pitcher."

Pitcher Okada said, "I was surprised that I was called in an unexpected order on the day of the draft, but I'm starting to feel it little by little today. I talked about enthusiasm.

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