Häcken's historic first match in the Champions League ended with a 0-3 loss against Lyon.

Tomorrow, the German big club Bayern Munich awaits with the Swedish national team players Hanna Glas and Sofia Jakobsson in the team.

- It's fun to meet Swedes you know.

And now we can not say any secrets in Swedish because then they understand us, it is a difference from Lyon, says Falk.

According to Aftonbladet, Bayern defender Hanna Glas has revealed everything to her teammates about how to score on Falk.

- I know everything about her too, so then I have to tell my teammates so it will be even, counters Falk, who sat on the bench when Häcken met Bayern Munich two years ago.

- Lyon are very technical, I do not have a very good view of Bayern yet, but they feel very physical.

According to coach Mats Gren, tomorrow's resistance suits Häcken better.

- Lyon have more speed in their game than Bayern have.

Bayern do not feel really straight in their game, they are trying to find their way in between surfaces and we will try to find those means to stop them.

And of course we have looked at how they play the ball as well and how we should be able to disturb them.

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