Professional baseball coach Tsuyoshi Yoda has announced that he will retire only this season, which is the third year of the three-year contract.

It is said that he requested the appointment of Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, an alumnus of the baseball team who achieved a total of 2000 hits as a successor manager.

Director Yoda is 55 years old from Chiba prefecture.

He joined the team in 1st place in the draft on the middle day, and became the best relief pitcher and rookie king in his first year as a pro.

After retiring from active duty, he served as a pitcher coach for Japan and a pitcher coach for Rakuten at the 2009 WBC = World Baseball Classic as a coach. We focused on rebuilding the pitchers.

In the first year, he was fifth, but in the second year last season, he improved the starting pitchers centered on pitcher Yudai Ohno, who won the Sawamura Award, and Daisuke Sobue, who won the title of the best pitcher in both cases. With pitchers and Hiroto Fuku as the center, we established a pitcher relay with a winning pattern and led the team to 3rd place, which is 3rd place or higher for the first time in 8 years.

The team's ERA is 3.25, which is the top of the 12 teams this season, but the team's score is the lowest among the 12 teams.

Under these circumstances, Director Yoda said that he would take responsibility for the poor performance and told the team that he would retire only this season when the three-year contract ends, and the team agreed.

As a successor manager, the team requested OB Mr. Tatenami to take office.

What is Kazuyoshi Tatsunami?

Mr. Tachinami is 52 years old from Osaka prefecture.

As the captain of PL Gakuen, he achieved consecutive spring and summer championships at Koshien and joined Chunichi in 1st place in the draft.

He started in the opening game with a rookie in "No. 2 Short" and contributed to the league victory by participating in 110 games, and won the "Golden Glove Award" for the first time as a rookie king and a rookie who graduated from high school.

Although he is 1 meter and 73 centimeters tall and small in the world of professional baseball, he played for 22 years as a player with a good run and defense, and was called "Mr. Dragons".

A total of 2480 hits is the 8th place in the history of professional baseball, and 487 doubles are professional baseball records.

In February, he was invited as a temporary coach to the spring camp in Chunichi, where he enthusiastically taught his batting theory.