Director Tsuyoshi Yoda retired from professional baseball and Chunichi only this season, and requested Kazuyoshi Tatsunami, an alumnus of the baseball team, to take over as his successor.

Mr. Tatenami is showing a positive attitude, and it is expected that a new director will be born within this month.

Chunichi has a team ERA of 3.23, which is the top of the 12 teams this season, but the score is the worst of the 12 teams, and it has been sluggish at 5th place in the league so far, and it is extremely difficult to advance to the climax series competing for 3rd place or higher.

Under these circumstances, coach Yoda told the team that he would take responsibility for the poor performance and that he would retire only this season when the three-year contract ends, and the team agreed.

As a successor manager, the team requested OB Mr. Tatenami to take office.

Mr. Tachinami is 52 years old from Osaka prefecture.

He joined the team in 1st place in the draft on Chunichi, played for 22 years as a player who had a good run and defense, and was called "Mr. Dragons".

A total of 2480 hits is the 8th place in the history of professional baseball, and 487 doubles are professional baseball records.

In February, he was invited as a temporary coach to the spring camp in Chunichi, where he enthusiastically taught his batting theory.

Hiroyuki Kato, the team's representative, said on the 12th, "Mr. Tachinami has a strong desire to give back to the Dragons and received a positive response."

The team will formally sign a contract after the end of the season, and it is expected that a new coach, Tachinami, will be born by the end of this month.