At this year's Professional Baseball Draft Conference, only two teams announced their first place nominations in advance.

Careful consideration of each team continued until just before.

As a result, only two pitchers competed, and half of the 12 pitchers, 6 teams, nominated the 1st place alone, which was an unusual development.

Corona Scouting

This year, the spring and summer national tournaments were held at Koshien Stadium for the first time in two years, and college students also had more opportunities to appeal, such as league games.

Still, from professional baseball scouts who are active in the Kanto region, "There is a part that I wonder how far I will grow if I practice well" and "If the tournament is also held without spectators, I see the strength of the heart and the strength of the game. I can't do it. "

Under these circumstances, at the draft meeting last year, 7 teams and 6 teams announced the nomination of 1st place in advance, but this is only 2 teams.

Each team continued careful consideration until just before, based on the nomination strategy.

An executive of the baseball team in Tokyo said, "This draft may break. There will be colors that match the reinforcement points of each baseball team."

6 teams nominated for 1st place alone

When it was over, 6 teams succeeded in nominating alone.

Chunichi, who wants to increase the number of home runs of the team, nominated the right-handed smasher, Bright Kenta, as the sole first place.

Lotte, who used to be a reinforcement point for the smashing catcher who will bear the future, nominated Torao Matsukawa of Municipal Wakayama High School.

The managers of each team commented that they were able to nominate more players than they had expected and that the results were perfect.

Training player Most in the last 10 years

The number of nominated players this year was 77, which was almost the same as last year's 74.

On the other hand, 51 trained players have been nominated.

Two more people than last year, the highest number ever.

There were many Softbanks and giants with a three-armed system, with Softbank having the highest number of 14 and 10 giants.

Expectations for the future of the nominated players

Last year, Teruaki Sato (joined the Hanshin Tigers).

There were university star players such as pitcher Takahisa Hayakawa (joined Rakuten), but there weren't any players who received much attention in advance.

Still, I am looking forward to seeing the players nominated by each team based on the reinforcement points playing an active part in the harsh world of professionals.