Peder Fredricson has previously been second in the world rankings.

When the new ranking was presented today, he took as the second Swede in jumping history to step up as world number one, after a successful summer with double Olympic medals (gold in team, silver individually), EC bronze individually and GP victory in Global Championstour.

“Becoming number one in the world rankings is a goal I set a few years ago.

It has felt like climbing the highest mountain in the world and I have been close to the top a few times, but always fell down again.

Therefore, it feels absolutely fantastic to now reach all the way up to the top and set the flag ", says Fredricson to the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

In 2012, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson historically became the first Swede to become world number one in horse jumping.

Bengtsson then retained the position as the world's top ten months in a row.

Archive: European Championship bronze for Fredricson

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EC bronze to Peder Fredricson Photo: Bildbyrån