Twenty-five Japanese national team members have been announced for the two final qualifying matches of the World Cup in Asia, and Takehiro Tomiyasu, who is active in the English Premier League and Arsenal, and forward Ado Onaiwu, who is doing well in the second division of France. Ado and others were selected.

The Japanese national team, who won 1 win and 1 loss in the final Asian qualifying round of the World Cup Qatar, will face Saudi Arabia away on October 7, and then Australia on the 12th at Saitama Stadium.

Twenty-five members were announced on the 28th for these two games


▼ In

addition to captain Maya Yoshida who plays in the Italian first division league, Sampdoria,

▼ defender Takehiro Tomiyasu who is active in the English Premier League Arsenal Western players,


▼ France 2nd Division, forward Ado Onaiwu, who has been doing well in Toulouse, were selected.

In addition, four members from the final qualifying this month have joined, including Germany's second division, Dusseldorf's 23-year-old, Ao Tanaka, who started in all six games as a voluntary at the Tokyo Olympics.

On the other hand, Takefusa Kubo, a 20-year-old player from Mallorca, Spain, who started in the match against China and activated the attack, was removed from the team due to an injury to his right knee.

25 members

There are 25 members of the Japanese national team who will face the match against Saudi Arabia and Australia.


There are three goalkeepers.

▽ France 1st division league, Strasbourg player Eiji Kawashima (38)

▽ J1, Shimizu S-Pulse player Shuichi Gonda (32)

▽ J1, Shonan Bellmare player Kosei Tani (20)


There are 9 defenders.

▽ J1, FC Tokyo Yuto Nagatomo (35)

▽ Italy 1st division league, Sampdoria Maya Yoshida (33) Yoshida will be the captain.

▽ J1, Hiroki Sakai of Urawa Reds (31)

▽ Germany 2nd Division, Sei Muroya of Hanover (27)

▽ France 2nd Division, Naomichi Ueda of Neem (26)

▽ Germany 2nd Division, Ko Itakura of Sharque ( 24)

▽ Netherlands 1st Division, Zwole Yuta Nakayama (24)

▽ England Premier League, Arsenal Takehiro Tomiyasu (22)

▽ Belgium 1st Division, Sinttro Inden's Daiki Hashioka (22)


There are 11 midfielders.

▽ Germany 1st division, Union Berlin Genki Haraguchi (30)

▽ Spain 2nd division, Leganes Takeshi Shibasaki (29)

▽ Germany 1st division, Stuttgart Wataru Endo (28)

▽ Belgium 1st division, Genk Junya Ito (28)

▽ Germany 1st Division, Bohum's Takuma Asano (26)

▽ England Premier League, Liverpool's Takumi Minamino (26)

▽ Portugal 1st Division, Santa Clara's Hidemasa Morita (26)

▽ Germany 1st Division, Frankfurt Daichi Kamada (25)

▽ Belgium 1st Division, Antwarp's Yasuji Miyoshi (24)

▽ Netherlands 1st Division, PSV Ritsu Doan (23)

▽ Germany 2nd Division, Dusseldorf's Aoi Tanaka (23)


There are two forwards.

▽ J1, Yuya Osako of Vissel Kobe (31)

▽ Ado Onaiwu of Toulouse, France 2nd Division (25)