On the 26th, Masanao Yoshida, the main player of ORIX, a professional baseball player who had been out of the battlefield due to an injury to his left thigh, was re-promoted to the 1st Army on the 26th.

Yoshida has been pulling the line of the team competing for the championship, such as marking the top hit rate of both leagues at 30%, 3 minutes and 8 minutes this season, but on the 5th of this month, the 1st army was crushed by the muscle of the left thigh. The player registration has been deleted.

Yoshida returned to the actual battle in a practice game with an amateur team on the 24th, and participated in the 2nd army battle with Hanshin on the 25th, and there was no problem with the condition of his left foot, so on the 26th, 1 for the first time in 3 weeks I was promoted to the army.

On the 26th, Yoshida entered the bench at a day game with Rakuten held at Kyocera Dome Osaka from 1:00 pm, and before the game, he practiced batting and running base with other players.

As of the 25th, 2nd place Orix is ​​chasing the leader Lotte by 2.5 games in the remaining 22 games of the regular season, and the return of the main player Yoshida is likely to help the team.