Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels hit two timely three bases in the Mariners game, and the RBI increased to 98, and the first 100 RBIs in the Major League are just around the corner.

On the 25th, Otani started in the Mariners game in Anaheim, California as the second and designated hitter, and once caught the in-course changing ball in the first at-bat with no-out first base, in front of the light fence. He scored the first goal on a timely three-base, which was his first hit in four games.

The second at-bat in the third inning was also a no-out first base, and hit the right line with a timely three-base for two at-bats in a row.

This time, the Angels showed an onslaught and widened the lead to 8 to 1, and Otani got the third at bat with a two-out bases loaded, and chose an extruded walk from the full count.

The 4th at bat in the 5th inning was again a no-out first base, and the opponent pitcher did not strike and walked 4 balls in a row to become a foreball.

Otani has 3 RBIs, 2 hits, 3 RBIs and 2 walks, and this season's RBI is 98, which is about to reach 100 RBIs for the first time in the 4th year of the Major League Baseball.

It was the first time in four games to hit multiple hits, and the batting average rose to 20%, 5 minutes and 7 hits.

The Angels won 14 to 1.

In the American League home run battle, the Blue Jays player Guerrero Jr. and the Royals player Perez did not have a home run, and 45 Otani players are behind by one.

Perez has 8 games left, and Guerrero Jr. and Otani have 7 games left.

Won the MVP and Best Pitcher Award in the team for the first time in a double award

Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels was selected as the season MVP = Most Valuable Player Award and Best Pitcher Award in this team, and the award ceremony was held before the match on the 25th.

By the time of the match on the 25th this season, Otani

was the team leader with 45 home runs, 95 RBIs and 24 stolen bases as a batter

. Throughout the season, he has been overwhelmingly active in the two-sword style of pitching, such as stealing strikeouts.

The Angels announced on the 25th that Otani won the team's Season MVP and Best Pitcher Award in a vote among the team's players.

This is the first time Otani has won the award for both throwing and hitting.

The Angels Season MVP has been awarded to Trout, the main gun, for the ninth consecutive year since 2012.

This is the first time that Otani has won the award, and the first award suddenly became a "double award" with the pitcher.

A ceremony was held before the match with the Mariners on the 25th, and Otani took two commemorative trophies and took a commemorative photo with Director Maddon and others with a smile.

As Otani is expected to win the American League season MVP, which will be announced in November, he won the first ever "double crown of throwing" in the team.

Team top results with 13 throws

Otani has marked the top number in 13 throwing items in the team so far this season, and has achieved results suitable for winning the MVP of throwing.

First of all, it is the result as a batter before the game on the 25th.

45 home runs are 3rd in the American League with 95 RBIs, 24 stolen bases and 5th in the league, 96 points, 5 triples and 88 walks, all at the top of the team.

The batting average is 20% 5 minutes 5 ㎘, which is the third in the team, but the on-base percentage is 30% 6 minutes 8 ㎘, the slugging percentage is 50% 8 minutes 8 ㎘, and "OPS" which is the sum of the on-base percentage and the long hit rate is also 9. It is the team top with a batting average of 5 minutes and 6 minutes.

On the other hand, the league's 4th place strikeout 182 and the league's top stolen base failure 10 are also the most in the team.

Next is the results on the pitcher.

The number of winning stars is 9, the number of strikeouts is 146, the number of starting pitches is 22, and the number of pitches is 123, which is one-third inning, all of which are the top of the team.

The ERA of 3.28 is out of scope because it has not reached the specified number of pitches.

When combined with throwing, Otani has marked the team's top number in 13 items, and has achieved results suitable for winning the MVP of throwing.