Good day and welcome to the live blog of the Eredivisie.

My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed about today's five matches.

Have fun!

  • Results:

  • Willem II-PSV


  • Ajax-FC Groningen


  • Vitesse-Fortuna Sittard


  • LIVE:

  • FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle


  • Feyenoord-NEC


Feyenoord-NEC · a few seconds ago

93' GOAL Feyenoord!


What a match!

Linssen continues well on the right and plays at Dessers.

The new Feyenoord striker takes the ball formidably and shoots the 5-3 against the net with the left.

The cockpit explodes!

Feyenoord-NEC · a few seconds ago

91 'The goal stands!

Joey Kooij does not agree with the video referee and sticks to his own decision.

NEC coach Roger Meijer is furious and receives a yellow card from the referee.

a few seconds ago

Feyenoord-NEC · a few seconds ago

90' Or not?

Joey Kooij is sent to the screen by the video referee.

Will the goal still be disallowed?

Feyenoord-NEC · a few seconds ago

89' GOAL Feyenoord!


There's Guus Til again!

With a bit of luck, the midfielder gets the ball in front of his feet and shoots the 4-3 against the ropes flawlessly.

What a showdown in Rotterdam!

FC Utrecht-PEC a few seconds ago

86' GOAL FC Utrecht!


Van der Hoorn also adds another penny.

The defender heads in a good pass from Warmerdam.

Feyenoord-NEC · one minute ago

86 'Great opportunity for Dessers!

The striker gets the ball on the head after Geertruida's header, but the ball goes high.

Feyenoord-NEC 3 minutes ago

85 'Feyenoord has started a final offensive in Rotterdam.

NEC is going to make another substitution, Okita and Barreto go to the side at their leisure and are replaced by Bronkhorst and Rodrigo Guth.

3 minutes ago

Feyenoord-NEC · 8 minutes ago

80' GOAL Feyenoord!


What a match in De Kuip!

Orkun Kökcu cuts a corner perfectly and Guus Til heads in the 3-3.

Can Feyenoord still take the three points at home?

FC Utrecht-PEC 11 minutes ago

75' GOAL PEC Zwolle!


PEC Zwolle does something back in Utrecht and how!

Saymak strikes from a distance and sees his shot land wonderfully in the cross.

Feyenoord-NEC 13 minutes ago



It's an incredible story!

Calvin Verdonk scores the 2-3 with his second ball contact.

The ex-youth player of Feyenoord is hurting his old club a lot.

Referee Joey Kooij did not whistle shortly before for a possible foul on Kökcu.

The video referee has looked at it, but does not intervene.

Feyenoord-NEC 14 minutes ago

73 'Geertruida hits from a distance, but his attempt ends up in the second ring.

NEC is going to change again, goalscorer Mattsson is relieved by former Feyenoord player Calvin Verdonk.

FC Utrecht-PEC 20 minutes ago

67' GOAL FC Utrecht!


It is now going very fast in the Galgenwaard.

Mimoun Mahi reacts well to a mistake by Lamprou.

The goalkeeper releases a shot from Van der Maarel and Mahi is there like the chickens to make the 4-0.

20 minutes ago

Feyenoord-NEC 21 minutes ago

67 'Double substitution at the Rotterdam team.

Cyriel Dessers and Frederik Aursnes come in for Jens Toornstra and Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

The visitors also change twice Romeny and Vet come for Tavsan and Bruijn.

FC Utrecht-PEC 22 minutes ago

65' GOAL FC Utrecht!


Van der Hoorn is held by Strieder and referee Lindhout puts the ball on the spot.

Ramselaar stands behind the ball and uses the second

penalty kick

of the evening.

Feyenoord-NEC 23 minutes ago

64 'Almost Feyenoord's 3-2!

Malacia comes along well and gets the ball for his left leg.

The international hits the ball very hard on the inside of the post.

FC Utrecht-PEC 27 minutes ago

59' GOAL FC Utrecht!


There is the second goal of FC Utrecht.

Moussa Sylla hits the mark after a good cross from Mimoun Mahi.

FC Utrecht-PEC 29 minutes ago

57' Huge chance for Mahi to make it 2-0.

The substitute gets the ball after a good action from Douvikas, but shoots meters wide from close by.

29 minutes ago

Feyenoord-NEC 32 minutes ago

55 'Kökcu pulls on the emergency brake after Jens Toornstra slips.

The Turkish midfielder prevents a counter from NEC, but has to pay for it with a yellow card.

Feyenoord-NEC 35 minutes ago

52 'First chance for Feyenoord in the second half.

Kökcu takes the ball to his chest and takes it out.

The midfielder sees his volley land on the roof of the goal.

FC Utrecht-PEC 36 minutes ago

50 'Huge opportunity for Dean Huiberts.

The midfielder of PEC Zwolle rushes with the ball into the sixteen of Utrecht, but shoots just wide.

Feyenoord-NEC 41 minutes ago

46 'Immediately a great opportunity for NEC!

Tavsan can continue like this, but does not hit the ball well and shoots well over.

Eredivisie 42 minutes ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Feyenoord has to start all over again after the two goals against NEC.

PEC Zwolle has to look for a goal against FC Utrecht in the second half.

42 minutes ago

FC Utrecht-PEC 1 hour ago

First half stats: 

  • FC Utrecht-PEC Zwolle

  • Position: 1-0

  • Shots: 6-4

  • Shots on target: 3-2

  • Possession: 42 percent-58 percent

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

First half stats: 

  • Feyenoord-NEC

  • Position: 2-2

  • Shots: 5-3

  • Shots on target: 3-2

  • Possession: 71 percent-29 percent

FC Utrecht-PEC 1 hour ago


FC Utrecht is halfway on a 1-0 lead against PEC Zwolle.

In the eleventh minute, the home team was awarded a penalty after a foul by Voet.

Douvikas did not miss the opportunity and scored his fourth goal of the season against the ropes.

The visitors were very close once, but a shot by Kastaneer bounced off the post and the crossbar from Maarten Paes's goal.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago


Feyenoord sees a comfortable 2-0 lead evaporate in the first half.

The Rotterdam team scored via a penalty from Kökcu and a beautiful goal from Sinisterra.

In the second part of the first half, NEC fights back with goals from Mattsson and Odenthal.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago



Tyrell Malacia makes a mistake and loses the ball to Edgar Barreto.

The experienced midfielder gives the ball to Okita, who returns well to Cas Odenthal.

The central defender can easily score the equalizer.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

43' Good free kick by Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

The Iranian shoots the ball narrowly over Mattijs Branderhorst's goal.

FC Utrecht-PEC 1 hour ago

39' Dangerous shot by Adam Maher.

The midfielder lashes out, but the ball ends up on Kostas Lamprou's fists via a PEC Zwolle defender.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago



There it is the goal of NEC out of nowhere.

Okita gives the ball well to Mattsson, who does not think and takes a very clean shot.

The visitors are back in the game again.

FC Utrecht-PEC 1 hour ago

30 'Bad luck for PEC Zwolle!

Kastaneer gets the ball at his feet and hits it hard.

Ultimately, the ball does not cross the goal line via the crossbar and post.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

Orkun Kökcu celebrates his first goal of the season.

The midfielder is the new penalty taker at Feyenoord after the departure of Steven Berghuis.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

29 'NEC is dangerous for the first time there.

Tavsan keeps the ball well and hits Justin Bijlow's goal.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

28 'Feyenoord combines wildly in this phase of the match, but the final pass is always missing.

A 3-0 is more in the air than a connection goal from the visitors from Nijmegen.

Feyenoord-NEC 1 hour ago

17' GOAL Feyenoord!


Great long ball from Marcos Senesi who puts Luis Sinisterra alone in front of the keeper from his own box.

The Colombian remains icy calm and slides in the 2-0.

Feyenoord is on roses against NEC.

Feyenoord-NEC 2 hours ago

14' GOAL Feyenoord!


Orkun Kökcu stands behind the penalty kick and remains very calm.

The midfielder sends Branderhorst to the wrong corner and provides the opening goal for the Rotterdam team.

Feyenoord-NEC 2 hours ago

13 'Penalty Feyenoord! 

Guus Til is sent away by Geertruida and only goes to Branderhorst.

The NEC goalkeeper floors the midfielder and Feyenoord receives a penalty.

Branderhorst was also booked for his foul.

FC Utrecht-PEC 2 hours ago

11' GOAL FC Utrecht!


FC Utrecht is awarded a


after a foul by Siemen Voet.

Douvikas gets behind the ball and wins the Greek meeting with Kostas Lamprou.

Utrecht is ahead in the Galgenwaard.

Feyenoord-NEC 2 hours ago

11 'After ten minutes, Feyenoord's first shot is finally on target.

Til shoots, but Branderhorst can easily save.

Feyenoord-NEC 2 hours ago

7 'Feyenoord is searching in the first minutes of this match.

NEC is well organized and the home team is not yet able to play through it for the time being.

Eredivisie 2 hours ago

Kick off!

Also in Rotterdam and Utrecht, the match is whistled by a supporter.

We have started!

FC Utrecht-PEC 2 hours ago


 FC Utrecht will take on PEC Zwolle in-house. The home team is in an excellent fifth place after six games and wants to continue the good form against PEC Zwolle. The away team has had a dramatic start to the season with one point and one goal from six games. 

FC Utrecht line-up:

 Paes; Van der Maarel, Van der Hoorn, Janssen, Warmerdam; Maher, Timber, Ramselaar; Sylla, Douvikas, Boussaid. 

Line-up PEC Zwolle:

Lamprou; Pabai, From Poland, Foot, Nakayama; Van den Belt, Strieder; Redan, Huiberts, Kastaneer; tedic.

Feyenoord-NEC 2 hours ago


After a good start to the season, NEC has dropped somewhat in the rankings.

The Nijmegen team lost without a chance on Wednesday with 0-3 from FC Utrecht and is currently tenth in the Eredivisie.

Trainer Rogier Meijer has slightly changed his team after Wednesday's defeat.

Bruijn and Mattsson are preferred over Akman and Duelund. 

NEC setup:


Van Rooij, Marquez, Barreto, Odenthal, El Karouani;

Schone, Bruijn, Mattsson;

Okita, Tavsan.

Vitesse-Fortuna 2 hours ago


Vitesse again spills points in the Eredivisie.

Against Fortuna Sittard, the home team does not get further than 1-1.

In the first half, the visitors from Limburg make it 0-1 via a beautiful direct corner from Mats Seuntjens.

After tea, Vitesse does something in return with a nice header from Frederiksen, but it doesn't get any further.

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