The first round of the women's golf tournament in the United States was held in Arkansas on the 24th, and Nasa Hataoka achieved a hole-in-one and got off to a good start with 5th place, 2 strokes behind the lead.

Hataoka took consecutive birdies in 6th and 7th, and achieved a hole-in-one in 11th par 3.

In addition, with 12th and 18th as birdies, in the first round, he marked 6 unders with 1 eagle, 4 birdies and no bogey, and was in 5th place, 2 strokes behind the lead.

Hataoka said, "I saw a hole-in-one coming in. Other than that, I was disappointed that I couldn't decide on a putt. I want to get as many birdies as possible on the second day."

Yuka Saso and Haru Nomura are both 2 under and 44th.

South Korea's Kim Alim, Ji Eun Hee, and Australia's Catherine Kirk topped the list with 8 unders.