(Shaanxi National Games) Table tennis singles semi-finals released, Ma Long Wang Chuqin advances to men's doubles semi-finals

  China News Service, Yan'an, September 25 (Reporter Wang Yu) On the 24th, the Shaanxi National Games table tennis field continued to compete in various individual events.

Tokyo Olympics dominated the women's singles semi-finals, Xu Xin lost to the teenager unexpectedly stopped the men's singles quarter-finals.

Malone's partner Wang Chuqin advanced to the semi-finals of the men's doubles.

  The first doubles match that day ushered in two focus battles.

In the match between Ma Long's partner Wang Chuqin and Hebei combination Liang Jingkun/Zhou Kai, the former got a 2-0 lead and was chased by his opponent for two consecutive rounds.

The two sides in the deciding game were even more difficult to draw, the score saw to a 10:10 tie.

  After a timeout adjustment, Malone/Wang Chuqin scored two points in one go, won the game and successfully advanced to the semi-finals of the men's doubles.

After the game, Malone said that he could finally win by "firm conviction" and "persistence of one point and one point."

  Speaking of his partner Wang Chuqin, who is getting better and better, Ma Long believes that the two players complement each other in play. "Wang Chuqin's doubles ability is obvious to all. I don't think it is me who is leading him. It is more of the complementarity of the two. Wang Chuqin He is a key player of the national team, and I think he has the ability to take responsibility."

  The men's doubles duel between Guangdong combination Fan Zhendong/Lin Gaoyuan and Beijing combination Xu Chenhao/Yan An also completed five rounds.

In the game, Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan were in slow heat, falling behind 0:2 in the start.

Although the two subsequently evened the score and took the lead in the deciding game, Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan lost to their opponents 2:3 and stopped in the quarterfinals due to successive mistakes in the handling of the key ball.

  Regarding the result of this game, Fan Zhendong bluntly said that it is a pity, "We did not play badly, but we made too many simple mistakes in key points, and finally led to the result of the game (lost). It is a pity. After the game, I felt a little lost and I felt that we could do better. ."

  However, in the men's singles contest with Shanghai star Shang Kun, Fan Zhendong swept away the adverse effects of the men's doubles defeat and defeated his opponent 4:1 to advance to the semi-finals.

Speaking of the incentive competition in the singles arena, Fan Zhendong said: "The overall confrontation of singles is very strong, and we still have to focus on the competition from start to finish."

  For the rest of the games, Olympic champion Xu Xin and Shandong player Liu Dingshuo fought for 7 rounds, and finally lost to their opponent 3:4, regretting to stop the men’s singles quarterfinals; Liang Jingkun 4:2 beat Guangdong star Zhou Qihao to advance to the top four, Wang Chuqin defeated Shandong teenager 4:1 Yu Ziyang, locked the last semifinal ticket.

  All the top four seats in the women's singles were won by the Tokyo Olympics.

In the women's singles quarter-finals, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Liu Shiwen and Sun Yingsha defeated their opponents and entered the semi-finals.

The four top players will attack the final women's singles crown.