On Friday, the hockey Allsvenskan begins and HV71 has been painted as the clear favorite.

Some even claim that the squad is one of, if not the strongest, ever in the series' history.

The problem for the opponents?

It is not finished yet.

- We are actively looking for another forward.

We are not having a dialogue with anyone right now, but this will probably be a little bit into the season, but we will see if something happens in North America soon.

We are ready to strike as soon as we can, says sports director Johan Hult to SVT Sport.

Oskar Olausson left

The gap to be filled is that of 18-year-old Oskar Olausson.

A player that HV71 wanted to keep and had high hopes for, but who chose to test his luck in North America.

The club currently has 13 available forwards under contract.

14 if you count the meritorious returnee David Ullström who is long-term injured and has had hip surgery.

- We do not expect Ullström right now, but it may take the time it takes.

When he is ready to play, it will be a spice for us, but it does not benefit us or him to stress anything.

"It is now that we must perform"

Some claim that you have the strongest squad ever in the hockey allsvenskan.

Your answer to that?

- It is up to others to judge.

Right now we still know nothing.

If there is one thing we learned last season, it is that the pre-season does not say much.

It is now when the series starts that the seriousness begins and we must perform.

If things go awry on the ice, how many resources do you have to strengthen?

- We have good conditions.

Regardless of whether we are talking SHL or Allsvenskan, the troops rarely look the same in March / April as in August / September.

There will certainly be changes, says Johan Hult.

On Sunday, in Sportspegeln 19.00, SVT broadcasts a long report on HV71.

CLIP: Team captain Simon Önerud: "HV71 is only visiting the Allsvenskan"

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HV71's team captain Simon Önerud wants to bring his mother club back to the SHL.

Photo: SVT