A ball "returned" to the opponent after a touch that almost makes it a goal, a chambering on the Metz goalkeeper Alexandre Oukidja ... The behavior of Kylian Mbappé had twisted Frédéric Antonetti, Wednesday evening, after the victory of PSG in Saint-Symphorien, snatched at the end of added time (1-2).

"I love this player but he would benefit from being more humble," said the coach of FC Metz.

"I understand the reaction of" Fred "after the match, assured Mauricio Pochettino, questioned this Friday at a press conference on the words of his colleague.

It's a natural reaction, which comes at the end of a lost game in the 94th minute.

“After playing the corporate peacekeepers, the Parisian coach naturally took the defense of one of his stars.

"Kylian is a wonderful boy, he is a player who is a great competitor, who wants to win all the time," assured the Argentine.

A story of "context"

And this room in Oukidja?

"You have to analyze that in the context of a football match that both teams want to win," said Pochettino.

Before asserting: “If there is one quality that Kylian has, it is humility.

He's a very humble boy.

We would rather have cited speed, but after all "Poche" knows "Kyky" better than we do.


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