French referee Stephanie Frappart sparked controversy after displaying a yellow card in the face of the Brazilian player Lucas Paqueta for Lyon, in the confrontation that brought his team and Troyes club yesterday, Wednesday, in the seventh stage of the French Football League.

Television footage showed Paqueta trying to overtake his opponent by dribbling the ball over the defender, but the opponent blocked the attempt.

Lucas Paquetá booked for attempting a rainbow flick.

The beautiful game is gone.

— Big H. (@Hxnz99) September 23, 2021

Moments after the shot, referee Frappart issued a yellow card in Paqueta's face, who seemed surprised by the decision, and the justifications varied about the reason for issuing the card;

Among those who assert that it was because the player did not respond to the referee’s invitation, which asked him to approach her to warn him about a conversation between him and the opposing defender after dribbling, and others saw that the warning was due to the technical shot that was considered a provocation to the opponent.

Neymar was in the second section, and denounced, through his account on Instagram, the yellow card in the face of his Brazilian teammate.

Neymar interacted via Instagram with the controversial snapshot (networking sites)

Neymar said, "A very sad shot, take a yellow card for dribbling, the technical shot is the solution regardless of where and when the match is. It happened to me this last season. This year it happens to Paqueta. Frankly, I don't understand the motive. The famous (Joga Bonito) game is over. Enjoy." And there is still plenty of time.”

"Joga Bonito" is the Brazilian name for the cat by Paqueta.