• Two people were arrested after the match between Angers and OM, for throwing smoke and introduction on the lawn. 

  • Incidents broke out between Angevin and Marseille supporters after the meeting between Angers and OM (0-0) on Wednesday evening. 

Two first arrests after the Angers-OM match.

Two men were arrested for throwing smoke and trespassing on the lawn after the 0-0 draw between Angers and Marseille on Wednesday evening, the Angers public prosecutor said on Thursday.

“A Marseille supporter from Pays-de-la-Loire was arrested for throwing smoke at the start of the match and another for entering the lawn after the match.

No complaint has been filed at this stage either from the SCO or the League.

Video analyzes are underway, ”added Eric Bouillard.


"At the start of the match, smoke bombs were thrown on both sides, then there were a few" chambers "during the match, in particular because Marseille supporters entered the kop d'Angers stand", summed up the magistrate.

At the end of the match, however, several dozen Marseille supporters left the visitor park and destroyed equipment before the stewards restored order, noted an AFP journalist.

Players and club staff had already left the field for several minutes.

Angevin provocations, Marseille response

“There were words between the supporters of both camps and the Marseillais went to the bottom of the stand where the Angevin supporters were.

Projectiles were launched but there were no injuries.

There was also no arrest among these people, ”said the prosecutor.

The incidents lasted a few minutes, then the stewards managed to escort each group back to its stand.

“There was a provocation on the part of the Angevin tribune, with fingers of honor and firecrackers which were sent from the Angevin side towards the Marseillais.

The Marseillais responded, it is a classic and stupid scheme, on one side and the other.

I'm not accusing anyone, ”Jacques Cardoze, OM communications manager, explained to the press on Wednesday evening.

At the Raymond Kopa stadium, the visitors' parking lot is located in the same grandstand as the Ultras Angevins, and the exchange of insults between the two groups is frequent.


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