China News Service, Weinan, Shaanxi, September 23 (Reporter Wang Peng) The men's weightlifting competition of the 14th National Games entered a major competition on the 23rd. Tian Tao and Yang Zhe won the 96kg and 109kg champions respectively.

Yang Zhe achieved four consecutive National Games championships.

  In the 96 kg finals, the 27-year-old Tian Tao, runner-up in the Rio Olympic Games, was significantly better than his opponent. In the snatch, he led the second with 187 kg by 7 kg.

In the clean and jerk, after Tian Tao lifted 208 kilograms for the first time, he has basically secured the championship.

In the second attempt, he directly claimed 232 kilograms, which is 1 kilogram heavier than his own world record.

But he just shook the barbell and gave up trying to lift without exerting any force.

Before stepping down, Tian Tao shouted, "I will come to the next Olympic Games!"

  "Today's performance is very poor." Tian Tao said after the game. Today's results are still far from his peak state. Because of knee injuries and the loss of the Tokyo Olympics, the mentality and state of the whole person have declined in recent times. Training Not active or systematic, I only practiced for two weeks before the National Games.

  During the Rio Olympics, Tian Tao participated in the men's 85 kg competition and won the silver medal.

Later, he rose to the 96 kg class, won the World Championships, and set a world record for clean and jerk of 231 kg.

However, Tian Tao revealed that Shengzhong poses great challenges to every joint, and injuries follow.

  "I asked for 232 kilograms today. In fact, everyone knows that I will definitely not lift it, and I can't lift it. I just set a goal for myself." Tian Tao said that he had a bad mentality before and even "don't want to practice", but see By the age of 37, Lu Xiaojun had won the Tokyo Olympics and was inspired.

  Tian Tao said that the next step is to thoroughly deal with the knee injury. It is not the opponent but the injury that stands in front of him.

"If I'm okay, then (the goal) is the next Olympic gold medal."

  In the final of the 96 kg class, Hunan player Sun Wei won the silver medal with 165 kg snatch and 214 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 379 kg.

Fujian player Zhao Yongchao won the bronze medal with 170 kg snatch and 208 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 378 kg.

  In the 109 kg class final, Shandong star Yang Zhe, who has won three consecutive championships, won the championship without any suspense.

As the holder of the world record for snatch (200 kg) at this level, his snatch result is 196 kg, leading the second place by 19 kg.

In the clean and jerk, the second one successfully lifted 215 kilograms and secured the championship.

The total score leads the second place by as much as 18 kilograms.

  Guangxi contestant Wu Changsheng won the silver medal with 177 kg snatch and 216 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 393 kg.

Hunan 23-year-old player Shi Chanlong won the bronze medal with 168 kg snatch and 218 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 386 kg.

  For a long time, the big level has been a weak item for Chinese men's weightlifting.

Yang Zhe said after the game that although winning four consecutive National Games championships is of special significance to him, his performance over the years has always been a little bit worse in the world. "I hope that the juniors will rise quickly and make a major breakthrough for China. Make a contribution."

  Regarding the future, the 30-year-old veteran said that he has been injured all over his body in the past twelve years.