[14th National Games] National Games Table Tennis Men’s Singles Fan Zhendong Qualified in 7 Games

  On September 22, the first day of the National Games table tennis individual event was held in the Yan'an University Gymnasium. That night, Fan Zhendong of Guangdong team played against Niu Guankai of Henan team in men's singles. After 7 rounds of fierce battle, Fan Zhendong finally finished 4:3. Defeated Niu Guankai.

After the game, Fan Zhendong said in an interview that he was lucky enough to win the game and still have the opportunity to go down. Today's ball is indeed very dangerous. It may be a state of losing every minute and it must be taken seriously.

For the National Games held every four years, everyone will not give up until the last minute. Not only me, but all athletes are like this. So my concentration, including attention and body, must fully keep up. Be prepared to play 7 rounds on the court, luckily thoughts can't appear.

(Reporter Wang Yumei Yi Taki produced Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】