(Shaanxi National Games) Highlights of the event: the 100-meter relay reproduces China's speed "Xin Wen combination" table tennis mixed doubles championship

  China News Service, Xi'an, September 23 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The men's and women's 4X100-meter relay in the track and field arena will heat up and speed up the 24th National Games again.

On the same day, the golden partner "Xin Wen Group" will also compete for the gold medal in table tennis mixed doubles, and the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation in the Tokyo Olympics, Zhao Shuai, will make his debut at this National Games.

  The men's and women's 4X100-meter relay in the track and field will once again show China's speed.

The Chinese men’s and women’s 100-meter relay team, who finished fourth and sixth in the Tokyo Olympics, will play in the name of the "Olympic United Team."

  The women's 20-kilometer race walking is the trump card of Chinese track and field. In the 2019 Doha World Championships, Chinese athletes Liu Hong, Qiyang Shijie, and Yang Liujing performed the feat of winning the first, second and third place.

  At this National Games, Rio Olympic champion Liu Hong, London Olympic runner-up Qiyang Shijie, world record holder Yang Jiayu, World Championship third runner-up Yang Liujing, Rio Olympic bronze medalist Lu Xiuzhi and many other famous players have signed up for the competition. The competition for the "next queen" of the Chinese women's 20-kilometer walking race will undoubtedly present a world-class event.

  In the swimming arena where 4 gold medals were produced that day, Olympic champion Wang Shun is expected to win his sixth gold in this National Games.

In the men's 200m individual medley final of his Olympic championship, his dominance is hard to be shaken. Whether he can surpass himself and achieve better results is the biggest thing to watch.

  The men's 200-meter backstroke and 100-meter backstroke world champion Xu Jiayu is expected to defend his title.

In the semifinals, Xu Jiayu easily advanced to the first place in the group.

  Table tennis will produce a mixed doubles gold medal, Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen will face Heilongjiang combination Wang Manyu/Cao Wei in the final.

Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen, who missed the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, are expected to win their first gold in the National Games.

  In the first three rounds of the mixed doubles of this National Games, the golden partners, who once ranked first in the international table tennis, did not lose a game. The semifinals swept Guangdong Lin Gaoyuan/Huang Yingqi 4:0 in only half an hour. .

  On the same day, the table tennis field will also produce the top 4 men's and women's singles and men's and women's doubles.

  The women's singles quarter-finals will usher in two focus games-the world's top two Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha will face Liaoning's Wang Yidi and Chen Xingtong respectively.

In the women's team competition, the Hebei and Shandong teams led by Sun Yingsha and Chen Meng were the defeats of the Liaoning team in the semifinals and finals. The main players of the Liaoning team Chen Xingtong and Wang Yidi are also considered to be the nemesis of the Olympic champions.

  In the men's singles quarter-finals, the world number one Fan Zhendong will face Shanghai veteran Shang Kun, and the world number three Xu Xin will face Shandong teenager Liu Dingshuo. If not surprisingly, the two Olympic champions should be able to advance to the semi-finals.

  Taekwondo will compete in the women’s 57 kg and men’s 68 kg finals. The flag bearer of the Chinese delegation for the Tokyo Olympics, Zhao Shuai, will make his debut at this National Games.

  At the Rio Olympics, Zhao Shuai won the men's 58 kg championship, and achieved a breakthrough in men's Olympic gold medal zero for Chinese Taekwondo.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Zhao Shuai, who was promoted to the 68 kg class, won the bronze medal. This was also the only medal that the Chinese Taekwondo team won in the Tokyo Olympics.

  The 22-year-old Zhou Lijun is a rising star in this Olympic cycle. He won the Grand Prix in 2019 and stopped in the women's 57kg quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics.

  Gymnastics will go to the women's individual all-around final.

The three Tokyo Olympics Ou Yushan, Wei Xiaoyuan and Lu Yufei ranked the top three in the preliminaries, and Tang Qianjing, who finished seventh in the Tokyo Olympic Women’s All-Around, ranked fifth in the preliminaries.

  The weightlifting finals will be held in the men's largest class over 109 kg finals.

Ai Yunan, a Beijing player who won the snatch, clean and jerk and overall results in the 2019 Weightlifting World Cup, has the highest call for the championship.