China News Service, Xi’an, September 22 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​Five gold medals were decided on the 22nd in the National Games swimming arena. Olympic champion Wang Shun won the first hardware of this National Games, and the total number of individual gold medals reached 14.

"Post-00" teenagers shined in the swimming pool that day, winning gold in 4 projects.

  The Olympic joint team led by Wang Shun won a gold medal in the men's 4 to 200-meter freestyle relay with an advantage of nearly 5 seconds. This is also the fifth gold medal that Wang Shun has won in this National Games. Its National Games The total number of personal gold medals reached 14 gold, which once again refreshed the history of the National Games.

  The "Double Crown" Ye Shiwen of the London Olympics won a silver medal in the women's 200-meter medley that day. The gold medal was 16-year-old "post-00" teenager Yu Yiting.

After the game, Yu Yiting hopes to take over the class of Sister Xiaoye (Ye Shiwen) as soon as possible and participate in the Paris Olympics with enough confidence.

  Li Bingjie and Wang Jian Jiahe, both born in 2002, competed in the women's 1500m freestyle that night.

In the end, Li Bingjie won the championship with an advantage of 8 seconds, but there is still a 17-second gap from the Asian record set by Wang Jian Jiahe in the Tokyo Olympics.

  In recent years, the Chinese women's 1,500-meter freestyle arena has been the arena for Wang Jian Jiahe and Li Bingjie.

Regarding the competition with each other, Li Bingjie said frankly, "Such a feeling of keeping pace with each other is still very good. I am very grateful to her for competing with herself over the years."

  The women’s 200-meter freestyle arena on that day set the first national record in the swimming arena of this National Games.

In 2003, Tang Muhan broke the national record of 1:54.37 set by Yang Junxuan in the Tokyo Olympics with a time of 1:54.26. They are both "post-00s" and will also carry the Chinese swimming in the event in the future. Of the banner.

  The champion of the men's 200-meter butterfly is also the "post-00". The Guangdong teenager Chen Juner, born in 2004, won the championship with a time of 1:54.61, which is only 0.26 seconds away from the national record of 1:54.35 set by Wu Peng in the Beijing Olympics. Difference.