Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels made a full appearance against the Astros, but he was able to avoid a match with four walks and was a no-hitter.

Otani hit No. 45 for the first time in 10 games the day before, and on the 22nd, he started in the Astros game in Anaheim, California, as the third designated hitter.

Otani was a walk in two at-bats in the 1st and 4th innings, and in the 4th inning, he tried to steal to the second base and became safe once, but his foot moved away from the base and became a big letter. I showed a regrettable expression.

The third at bat in the 6th inning was the first grounder, and in the 7th inning, the team reversed to 5 to 3 and the 4th at bat was greeted with 2 outs and 2nd base. I was shunned from the declaration.

After this, Otani advanced to third base and touched up to the home with a shallow light fly, but was blocked by the opponent's return ball and did not win the goodbye.

The sixth at-bat in the 12th inning, which chased four points, became the last batter with a missed strikeout, no hits in two at bats, and four foreballs did not make a home run for two consecutive games, and the batting average was 20%, 5 minutes and 6 minutes.

Angels lost 5 to 9 and lost 6 games in a row.

In the American League home run championship, the Blue Jays Guerrero Jr. did not get a home run, and the Royals Perez was canceled due to bad weather, so all of them remained at 46, and Otani was the top player. It remains one difference with two people.

Four walks in one game are the most in the major leagues

In this match, Otani was not able to compete with four walks, including two walks.

Four walks in one game are the most in the major leagues.

In the 10th inning, in the scene of no-out second base, two balls in a row became balls, and after receiving the second declaration avoidance of this game, he smiled bitterly and a big booing occurred from the fans.

Otani's number of avoidances this season is 15 at the top of the American League, which stands out compared to 7 of Blue Jays' Guerrero Jr. and 4 of Royals' Perez who are competing for the King of Homeruns.

10 games left Guerrero Jr. is an overwhelmingly compatible match card










Guerrero Jr. is overwhelmingly good in terms of opponent compatibility, but for Otani, who is in a position to chase the two, whether batting can regain the momentum of the first half of the season seems to determine the path to becoming the first home run king of Japan. ..