The first round of the men's golf domestic tour tournament was held in Kyoto Prefecture, and Ryosuke Kinoshita took the lead alone with a 7-under.

Kinoshita, 30 years old, took seven birdies and went around without bogies, making a good start to his third win of the season.

Shintaro Kobayashi, who is aiming to win the tour for the first time in 2nd place by 1 stroke, followed by Kawamoto of Nippon Sport Science University, who is an amateur, and Scott Vincent of Zimbabwe, who is aiming to win 4th place by 1 stroke for 2 consecutive weeks, etc. 9 People are lined up.

Rikuya Hoshino, the top prize money player, was 24th with 3 unders, and Ryo Ishikawa was 48th with 1 under.