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in Madrid is one I love you, I don't love you. It's a day of pleasure and one of I don't know what I'm doing here. It is a goal match and many waiting matches. Doubt is a virtue if it makes us better, but a problem if it does not let us be who we are. The striker has not served, until now, to be, head down, taciturn. He needs someone to remind him, quite the opposite of


, who thinks he is much more than he is.


did it



does it

, but a professional team is not a place for therapy. Everything has a limit. The rest depends on Asensio, who needs to take advantage of every minute as he did against Mallorca, because competition is growing in this beardless Madrid, with the permission of the beard.



[Narration and statistics: 6-1]

Ancelotti had said that it is normal for a footballer who does not play to get angry.

Asensio was not angry like other times.

What's more, he soon sensed that he could do better with the Italian than in the past, because in the first few minutes he had in the season, he did so in the position he considers ideal for his game: the midfielder.

It is the place where he played for Mallorca and Espanyol.

In the band, it does not have the desired radius of action, it feels corseted, and it does not have the overflow of one end either.

The tyranny of 4-3-3 imposed it on him, but the Italian, a good alchemist of systems and egos, combines it with a 4-2-3-1, the drawing he used again against Luis García's team, and in which Asensio again moved behind Benzema's back.

From that place he entered the area to wait for a rebound in the forest, in this case from goalkeeper Reina, he rode vertically after receiving from Benzema to score or maneuvered parallel to the crescent to hit with his left, adjusted to the post. A hat-trick in which he displayed his catalog, in a match in which all his attack partners were active, from Benzema, untouchable, to Rodrygo or Vinicius, with less prominence than in previous games, but a final stretch in the who gave the hatchet goal, sixth of the night, to Isco. With Hazard fallow, competitiveness has increased in Madrid, where young people feel there are opportunities. It is time for Asensio not to be left behind. Until now he has been a footballer of moments, great moments, but without the necessary continuity,because he has not had it and because he has not offered it, even during the same match. In this more dynamic Madrid than in the Christian era, in which it lived off explosions, that perseverance will be essential. If not, the next one will happen. The applause from the audience when Asensio left the field was a new "I love you."

Camavinga, on the other hand, has been clear from the beginning. In his first start, at the Bernabéu, he did it in a place that is not the usual for the French, as a pivot in the midfield. It was liked and liked, with clarity, depth and even some more adornment. That shows cheek, added to a quality that sings when he hits the ball. Without the reins imposed by the midfielder, and especially without the company of Casemiro, his route and verticality can offer a lot to Madrid. The Frenchman left the field at the hour amid applause to leave his place for Antonio Blanco, who made his debut this season, on a day conducive to rotations. The scoreboard would also give Jovic, Isco or the debutant Santos minutes.

Mallorca was not the weakest team to do them, classified in tenth position, but in a stable moment and with a favorable wind, it was favorable for Madrid. However, the rival made his job easier than he would have thought. If before arriving at the Bernabéu he had only conceded three goals, it took three minutes for him to score one due to a blunder by a debutant, Gayá. The bad control and the slip left the ball to Benzema before the wall. He had no mercy on Reina. The Frenchman, Asensio's assistant, scored his second goal, eighth in six league games, before retiring from the field.

After opening the scoring, Madrid did not stop, although they found a good reply in Kang in Lee, who left Lago Junior in front of the shot with a heel hit and scored a minute after Asensio on the first occasion.

Well his game alone against a Kubo that Luis García retired after the break.

The rest was an offensive monologue from a Madrid that feels optimistic.

Let Asensio catch it.

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