Valtteri Bottas, 32, who is moving from Mercedes to Alfa Romeo for the next season, published hilarious pictures of his future hidden sauna on Instagram.

- The Arctic hideaway is rising step by step!

Should be ready in time for Christmas and all the winter activities, Bottas glowed on Instagram.

Bottas has marked Kilpisjärvi as the location information for his Instagram publication.

You can scroll through the images using the arrow on the right side of the publication.

Bottas ’publication was quickly filled with admirable comments, such as came from a girlfriend, Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, who sensed the building with reindeer and snowman booths, among other things.

Followers of Bottas ’social media said they looked forward to seeing the finished cottage.

Some was also asked after the invitations to visit and suggested that Bottas immediately start renting a cottage on Airbnb.

Bottas is known to have enjoyed Lapland during the F1 series winter breaks.

Last winter, he also published a lot of pictures of Kilpisjärvi in ​​Some, including snowmobiling, snowshoe trips and northern lights.

Bottas already has a holiday home, at least in his hometown of Nastola.

It is built on a 1.3-hectare beach plot, which the municipality of Nastola donated to Bottas in 2014 in recognition of its success and making Nastola known.

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The F1 season continues over the weekend in Sochi, Russia.

The top two in the World Series, Max Bullstick and Bottas teammate Lewis Hamilton of Red Bull, have escaped, but Bottas is battling for third place in the series.

In the final race, the dramatic and surprising Italian GP in Monza, Bottas drove third with McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris taking the double win.