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Hello and welcome to our live blog!

We will keep you informed about the mixed team time trial at the World Cycling Championships in Belgium.

Have fun!

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  • Mixed Team Time Trial

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  • Netherlands last away

a few seconds ago

Belgium is one second faster than Great Britain at the first intermediate point.

Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands still have to pass.

a few seconds ago

The Netherlands is on its way! 

Bauke Mollema, Jos van Emden and Koen Bouwman have left.

That means that now all countries are on their way.

Can the Dutch team extend the world title?

In any case, the Netherlands also has a strong women's team up its sleeve.

a few seconds ago

Switzerland enters and sets the fastest time so far!

  • Switzerland - 51.26 minutes

  • Great Britain - 51.44 minutes

  • United States - 52.58 minutes

  • a few seconds ago

    The Germans have also started and that means that Tony Martin is on his way for his last race.

    The Jumbo-Visma rider will stop cycling after this World Cup.

    a few seconds ago

    There is Belgium!

    Victor Campenaerts, Yves Lampaert and Ben Hermans start their part of this mixed team time trial.

    a few seconds ago

    3 minutes ago

    The next and last starters:

    3.40 pm:

    Belgium (Victor Campenaerts, Yves Lampaert, Ben Hermans, Shari Bossuyt, Jolien D'hoore and Lotte Kopecky)

    3.43 pm:

    Denmark (Magnus Cort, Mikkel Bjerg, Mathias Norsgaard, Amalie Dideriksen, Emma Norsgaard and Julie Leth)

    3:46 PM:

    Germany (Tony Martin, Nikias Arndt, Max Walscheid, Lisa Brennauer, Lisa Klein and Mieke Kröger)

    3:49 PM:

    Italy (Filippo Ganna, Edoardo Affini, Matteo Sobreo, Marta Cavalli, Elena Cecchini and Elisa Longo Borghini)

    3.52 pm:

     The Netherlands (Bauke Mollema, Jos van Emden, Koen Bouwman, Riejanne Markus, Annemiek van Vleuten and Ellen van Dijk)

    4 minutes ago

    Poland is still in the lead after both the men's and women's finishes, but the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland are virtually faster.

    In about ten minutes we will start with the starts of the last group of countries.

    11 minutes ago

    The men have crossed the finish line in the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland.

    All three are a lot faster than the four countries at the first measuring point.

    France can forget a good time due to a flat tire.

  • Switzerland - 24.52 minutes

  • Great Britain - 24.59 minutes

  • United States - 25.38 minutes

  • 23 minutes ago

    The United States and Great Britain are already faster than the first four countries at the first measuring point.

    Logical, but we get to see the increasingly better countries at work.

    26 minutes ago

    Spain took the lead after the men crossed the line, but after the women it is Poland that has taken over the top spot.

    These are the end times of the first four countries:

  • Poland - 54.12 minutes

  • Spain - 54.54 minutes

  • Austria - 55.22 minutes

  • UCI team - 57.18 minutes

  • 26 minutes ago

    32 minutes ago

    The first four countries will cross the finish line in Bruges.

    It's time to wait for the end times.

    In the meantime, the following four countries have also started.

    In less than an hour, the Netherlands will also start this time trial.

    an hour ago

    We continue with the following four nations also starting their mixed team time trial:

    2:50 PM:

    United States (Lawson Craddock, Brandon McNulty, Neilson Powless, Coryn Rivera, Leah Thomas and Ruth Winder)

    2:53 PM:

    Great Britain (Alex Dowsett , John Archibald, Dan Bigham, Alice Barnes, Anna Henderson and Joss Lowden)

    2:56 pm:

    Switzerland (Stefan Bissegger, Stefan Küng, Mauro Schmid, Marlen Reusser, Elise Chabbey and Nicole Koller)

    2:59 pm:

    France (Benjamin Thomas, Thomas Denis, Valentin Tafellion, Marion Borras, Coralie Demay and Clara Copponi)

    an hour ago

    Oh dear.

    The switch goes wrong with Austria.

    One of the riders makes a false start.

    They are allowed to continue on their way, but this may still have consequences.


    Oh dear, false start for Austria!

    🚦🚦 #Flanders2021📺 Watch live on Eurosport or uninterrupted on discovery+


    AuthorEurosport NederlandMoment of places12: 41 - September 22, 2021

    an hour ago

    Spain is currently the fastest in the relay.

    Xabier Mikel Azparren, Diego Lopez and Lluís Mas took 26.20 minutes on their course.

    Poland, Austria and the UCI squad are considerably slower.

    an hour ago

    This is what the switch will look like.

    The moment the men cross the finish line in Bruges, the women's lights turn green and they can start for their course.

    #Flanders2021 ilk takım WCC idi ve ilk değişimi yaptılar.


    Author❌ Özgür Ozan E. 🏆🥇Moment of Places12:30 - September 22, 2021

    an hour ago

    an hour ago

    In any case, it is not due to the weather conditions in Belgium today!

    Belgium is a fantastic place to visit #Flanders2021


    Author Rob ColleyMoment of places12: 22 - 22 September 2021

    an hour ago

    The first four countries are currently underway.

    We have to wait for the first end times.

    It concerns both the switch from the men to the women and the time of the second rider at the end time.

    an hour ago

    The mixed team time trial explained more simply:




    AuthorUCIMoment of places12: 12 - September 22, 2021

    an hour ago

    Meanwhile, Poland (Karolina Karasiewicz, Karolina Kumiega, Aurela Nerlo, Filip Maciejuk, Damian Papierski and Bartosz Rudyk) and Austria (Tobias Bayer, Felix Ritzinger, Maximilian Schmidbauer, Sarah Rijkes, Christina Schweinberger and Kathrin Schweinberger) have also started.

    This ends the first block of landing on the way.

    America is the next starter at 2:50 PM.

    an hour ago

    Spain (Xabier Mikel Azparren, Diego Lopez, Lluís Mas, Ziortza Isasi, Sara Martin and Lourdes Oyarbide) have also started.

    an hour ago

    2 hours ago

    Start - 

    We have started this mixed team time trial!

    The UCI squad has just started first with Paul Daumont, Jean Eric Habima, Ahmad Badreddin Waits, Akvilė Gedraityté, Anastasiya Kolesava and Tereza Medvedova.

    2 hours ago

    In the mixed team time trial, the three men first ride their course and then the three women their course, which is a good 44 kilometers in total.

    The country with the fastest time is, as usual, world champion.

    As soon as the men have completed their course, the women from the same country start.

    2 hours ago

    In five minutes we start with this mixed team time trial at the World Cup!

    2 hours ago

    At the beginning of this month, the mixed team time trial was also on the program at the European Championships.

    Bauke Mollema, Jos van Emden, Koen Bouwman, Demi Vollering, Amy Pieters and Floortje Mackaij took the bronze, behind Italy and Germany.

    2 hours ago


    A cyclist from the national selection of Austria has been injured in a traffic accident in Leuven.

    The Leuven police report that the rider, a participant in the World Cup that will be held in Belgium this week, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

    The Austrian cyclist collided with a bus in Leuven.

    Police are not going to give any more details at this time.

    2 hours ago

    Oh dear.

    Bad news for the Austrian team.

    The accident has no consequences for the mixed team time trial, because it will be held at a different location.


    At the ramp of the ring in the Brusselsestraat in @stadleuven, the riders of the Austrian cycling team were hit by a bus from @delijn.

    One cyclist has been discharged with multiple fractures.

    #robnews #robtv #robwk


    AuthorROBtvMoment of places10: 42 - September 22, 2021

    2 hours ago

    2 hours ago

    This is the course for today in the mixed team time trial.

    The riders will cover a good 44 kilometers and ride from Knokke to Bruges.

    #flanders2021 ME🚩 Knokke-Heist🏁 Bruges🚴🏻‍♂️ 44.5 KmWeather: ☁ 17°C, overcast cloudsRoute: https://t.co/uyDIdIYnbf


    AuthorLa Flamme RougeMoment of places07:15 - September 22, 2021

    2 hours ago

    So the mixed team time trial.

    This part is on the program for the second time at the World Cycling Championships.

    In 2019, the Netherlands took the world title.

    At the time, Koen Bouwman, Jos van Emden, Bauke Mollema, Lucinda Brand, Riejanne Markus and Amy Pieters raced for gold in Harrogate.

    2 hours ago

    The Netherlands will therefore be the last to start and will do so with:


    Bauke Mollema, Jos van Emden and Koen Bouwman 


    Riejanne Markus, Annemiek van Vleuten and Ellen van Dijk

    2 hours ago

    This is the schedule for today:

    2:00 PM: UCI team (international)

    2:03 PM: Spain

    2:06 PM: Poland

    2:09 PM: Austria

    2:50 PM: United States

    2:53 PM: Great Britain

    2:56 PM: Switzerland

    2:59 PM: France

    3:40 PM: Belgium



    hours: Denmark

    3:46 PM: Germany

    3:49 PM: Italy

    3:52 PM:


    2 hours ago

    Welcome to our live blog!

    Today we continue with the World Cycling Championships in Belgium.

    The mixed team time trial is on the program and starts at 2 p.m.

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