- It has been a great challenge and a completely new adventure for me.

A completely new training, a completely new way of thinking.

I am completely mushy in the head, because it has been very new to take in.

Success also comes with expectations.

Fridolina Rolfö was a big reason why Sweden reached the Olympic final this summer and the move to the big club Barcelona puts a completely different light on the 27-year-old.

But what expectations one should have of her, she leaves to others to decide.

"We will take that with us and grow from it"

- You almost have to answer what the expectations will be.

I feel like I'm in a good environment and evolving every day.

I still feel that I am developing very much and feel that I can develop more than I have done so far.

When I come to this environment, there are things I can learn and become much better at.

My best days have not been yet.

When Sweden defeated Slovakia 1-0 in Friday's opening match of the World Cup qualifiers, Fridolina Rolfö was the team's only goal scorer.

Tonight, the team will face Georgia, where Sweden are again big pre-favorites.

Something the Swedish national team has had to get used to after this summer's Olympic successes.

- The expectations have become greater for us.

We should probably be able to get used to the fact that we will be able to have a favorite.

I do not think that should be a negative thing.

We will take that with us and grow from it, we are a really good football team, says Rolfö to SVT Sport.

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