PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino pulled Lionel Messi from the side against Olympique Lyon last Sunday due to a knee injury.

Due to the injury, the Argentinian will miss the league match against FC Metz on Wednesday.

"We saw during the game that he grabbed his knee. That's why we made this choice," Pochettino said at his press conference on Tuesday.

"We were happy with his performance. He didn't score, but he played well."

Messi was substituted at a 1-1 score against Olympique Lyon (2-1 win) fifteen minutes before the end.

The star attacker was so angry about that that he refused the outstretched hand of the PSG trainer.

"I understand the fuss and accept it, but the players and their health are my number one priority," said Pochettino. "We thought it was the best decision to replace him. Of course, great players always want to be on the field."

Messi has not yet been able to impress in his first matches at PSG.

After three appearances (one of which as a substitute), we still have to wait for the first goal of the six-time World Footballer of the Year.

Due to the injury, that will take at least one more game.

A new scan will be performed in 48 hours.

Then it will probably become clear how long he has been disabled.

Besides Messi, Sergio Ramos and Marco Verratti are also still missing from the French top club.

The Spanish defender is still training individually, the Italian midfielder resumed group training on Tuesday.

The duel between last-placed Metz and leader PSG starts on Wednesday at 9 p.m.


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