China News Service, Xi’an, September 21 (Reporter Alina Hu Jian) ​​In the 14th National Games Swimming Competition held on the evening of the 21st, Olympic champion Wang Shun won the 13th gold medal in the individual National Games and became The National Games "multi-golden king" and "preliminary girl" Fu Yuanhui won the bronze medal in her strong women's 100-meter backstroke, and her dream of three consecutive championships was shattered.

  Wang Shun, who just won gold in the Tokyo Olympics, performed very well in the Shaanxi National Games. In the previous two days of swimming competitions, he had won three gold medals.

  In the men's 200m freestyle competition that night, Wang Shun won the championship with a time of 1:46.14.

So far, Wang Shun, who participated in the National Games for the fourth time, has had 13 gold medals in the National Games, surpassing Sun Yang's 12 gold medals and became the "multi-gold king" with the most gold medals in the National Games.

  In an interview after the game, Wang Shun said that he was very happy. This record is not only for him. He wants to dedicate it to everyone who has helped him. He hopes to win 14 gold and 15 gold the day after tomorrow.

  Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist and "Preliminary Girl" Fu Yuanhui, who became popular with the phrase "I have used the power of the prehistoric" in an interview, after the preliminaries of the previous day, said that she was "old" and "There is no preliminary power." But in the competition, Fu Yuanhui was "combat capable" and easily reached the finals.

  In the women's 100m backstroke final that night, Fu Yuanhui won the bronze medal with 59.81 seconds and failed to achieve three consecutive championships in the event.

  "I didn't think about winning three consecutive championships, it's impossible." Fu Yuanhui was not very disappointed about not winning the gold medal.

She said that she had only trained for a month, her elbow joint was injured, she was older and her strength was limited. She was quite satisfied with this result.

I hope I can appear in the Asian Games next year.