With a grim face, Ronald Koeman watched FC Barcelona draw 1-1 at home against Granada on Monday evening.

The trainer has to get used to 'the new normal' of his club.

"This is not the Barcelona of eight years ago," Koeman said with a slight irritation in his voice at the press conference after the game.

"We can't play tikitaka, there's no room for that. And if you look at the selection, you don't see enough players with speed who are good at one-on-one."

Due to a sky-high debt burden of 1.35 billion euros, 'Barça' had to say goodbye to club icon Lionel Messi this summer and the club could only get transfer-free players.

Tuesday in the Champions League against Bayern Munich (0-3 defeat) it turned out that Barcelona has lost the connection with the European top.

And on Monday night against Granada, Barcelona suffered its second loss of points in the fourth league game of the season.

This leads to speculation in Spain about Koeman's resignation.

"I don't feel like talking about my future," the trainer responded curtly at the press conference.

Top of La Liga

  • 1. Real Madrid 5-13 (+8)

  • 2. Atletico Madrid 5-11 (+3)

  • 3.Valencia 5-10 (+6)

  • 4. Real Sociedad 5-10 (+2)

  • 5. Athletic Club 5-9 (+3)

  • 6. Seville 4-8 (+4)

  • 7. FC Barcelona 4-8 (+3)

Barcelona has no wing tips with depth due to injuries

After Koeman had his team play in a 3-5-2 formation against Bayern without success, he again opted for a 4-3-3 system against Granada.

That formation is preferred by the critical club president Joan Laporta.

"But we played way too much in the middle, while the spaces were on the sides," Koeman said.

"Coutinho and Demir have no depth on the wing, it would be different if we could have played with Dembele and Fati."

However, those two wing tips are injured.

Koeman also had to miss Jordi Alba, Pedri, Sergio Aguero and Martin Braithwaite.

"But even then you can't be satisfied with a draw at home against Granada," Koeman realized.

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Koeman is annoyed by Granada time wasting

The trainer was sometimes annoyed along the sidelines and that got him on a yellow card well into the second half.

Afterwards, he explained his frustrations.

"Granada already started stretching the time in the first minute. The game was always stopped, because they simulated another injury. The referee should have taken a much stricter action against this. He only gave the keeper a yellow card for stretching time five minutes before the end and withdrew only four minutes of injury time. That is of no use to us."

On Thursday, the troubled Koeman and Barcelona have an away game against Cádiz on the program.

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