Alexander Bolshunov would have lined up on the starting line when the World Cup in roller skiing was decided in Italy.

But instead he missed all the races after an inflammation.

- He needs surgery.

He got an inflammation in the gums and got a fever, says coach Yuri Borodavko according to VG.

- He has to take antibiotics for several days, so we decided that he would not start, Borodavko continues.

The three-time Olympic silver medalist in cross-country skiing missed the entire championship but will now be on the track again.

- Now he is in full training again, says the coach.

The World Cup in roller skis was recently decided in Italy.

Among other things, it was a World Cup gold for the Swede Linn Sömskar. 

CLIP: Call on the Olympics: "A new situation for me" (September 21)

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Call on the Olympics: "A new situation for me"