[The 14th National Games] Fu Yuanhui appeared in the National Games and sighed "Old": I am too old!

  On September 20th, "Pretty Girl" Fu Yuanhui swam 1:00:66 in the women's 100m backstroke preliminaries at the National Games and advanced to the semi-finals.

After the game, Fu Yuanhui sighed, "I am too old! This is the fourth time I have participated in the National Games. I feel that I have crossed over the changes of the times and witnessed the changes in history. I have a mentality to compete with children who are younger than me. It still feels quite interesting." Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and Fu Yuanhui also wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and showed her heart!

(Reporter Hu Jian Alina produced Lu Huiqian)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]