• After the incidents during the derby organized this Saturday, the disciplinary committee of the League will meet urgently on Monday to take sanctions.

  • Organizer of the match, RC Lens risks much more than Losc.

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    takes stock with Me Thierry Granturco, sports law lawyer.

Eighty torn seats, an invasion of land, six injured, two arrests and a tarnished image.

The incidents between supporters of RC Lens and Losc this Saturday at half-time of the derby have not finished talking about them.

After the facts, now place for sanctions.

This Monday, the disciplinary committee of the Football League meets urgently to examine the situation and sanction those responsible.

What could happen?

What are the two clubs at risk?

Analysis of the situation with Me Thierry Granturco, sports law lawyer.

Why is Lens at greater risk than Losc?

It doesn't matter who started hostilities this Saturday at halftime.

As the organizer of the meeting, RC Lens will be penalized no matter what.

“Whether it is the Civil Code, the Penal Code or the general regulations of the LFP, there is nothing to do: the organizer of the meeting is responsible.

Lens will take 100% of the responsibility.

It doesn't matter who is causing the trouble, there is nothing to be done.

When you organize an event, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of those who attend.

The debate will be futile to think that RC Lens will be able to escape its responsibility because it is Lille who have started to launch sieges.

It's just impossible, all of this is not audible in law, ”explains Thierry Granturco.

What is the Losc at risk?

If in law Lens is responsible for what happened, nothing prevents it from turning against the troublemakers.

This is what the club did by filing a complaint after the events.

“It's a way of getting rid of some of your responsibility.

But the Losc does not risk much in the regulatory texts of football.

On the other hand, when professional clubs travel, they must provide a certain number of stewards to supervise their own spectators.

Perhaps there was a fault of the Lille stewards but the organizer of the match remains the main responsible ", details the lawyer in sports law.

So that the Lille club (but not the identified troublemakers) ultimately do not risk much.

What are the possible sanctions?

Depending on whether you are powerful or miserable… This sentence from La Fontaine could well apply to the disciplinary committee of the LFP.

Depending on the context, the year or the club it can be more or less severe.

Suddenly, difficult to know what the risk of RC Lens.

“Both the civil and penal codes are clear with linear case law.

As much at the LFP, we often have judgments on the merits.

Very clearly, whether you are a small or a large club, you will not necessarily have the same penalties.

But there is a range of sanctions that exist.

It goes from a simple warning through the financial fine, the closure of a stand, the stadium behind closed doors or the relocation of the match ”, continues Me Granturco.

It is therefore difficult to know what the LFP will choose but the current context with images that have toured Europe does not plead in favor of the Blood and Gold. Three weeks after the Nice-Marseille incidents and a few weeks before a meeting with the Ministry of Sports, the LFP risks having a heavy hand.

Bollaert's total closed session from the match against Strasbourg scheduled for Wednesday is therefore clearly not to be ruled out.

Why won't the derby be replayed?

Unlike Nice-Marseille who had been stopped in the 75th minute and must be replayed, the derby, won by Lens (1-0), came to an end.

And the incidents occurred at half-time when the players of both teams had just returned to the locker room.

“We are not in the same range of sanctions as Nice-Marseille.

The events did not alter the result of the match which came to an end.

Suddenly, the match will not be replayed and the question of lost points will not arise, ”concludes the lawyer.

A lesser evil for a Lensois club which had been waiting to beat its rival Lille for fifteen years


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