China News Service, Weinan, Shaanxi, September 19, title: Weightlifting champion Li Wenwen: Sunshine "big baby" looks forward to Grand Slam

  China News Agency reporter Wang Peng

  After a few days of continuous autumn rain, the Weinan Sports Center in Shaanxi Province finally shone in the sun on the 19th, bringing people a long-lost comfort.

In the finals of the women's weightlifting of 87 kg or more in the 14th National Games, a sunny "big baby" was also shining-Tokyo Olympic champion Li Wenwen.

She won the gold without any suspense with a total score of 320 kilograms, leading the second place by 18 kilograms.

  Li Wenwen, born in 2000, is the youngest member of the Chinese women's weightlifting team in the Tokyo Olympic cycle.

This girl who practiced weightlifting because she was "angry" with her father when she was a child, was called "Li Wenwen" at the Tokyo Olympics, and easily won the championship with a weight of 37 kilograms over the second place.

  At the age of 12, the northeast girl was nearly 1.7 meters tall and weighed 88 kilograms.

At that time, in the eyes of family and friends, she was just an ordinary fat man.

But since embarking on the road of weightlifting, Li Wenwen's life has been like "hanging up".

  In 2019, Li Wenwen, who is only 19 years old, became the youngest world record holder for the largest class of women's weightlifting.

In 2021, after nearly a year and a half of the epidemic, she will return to the international arena-the Asian Weightlifting Championships. Li Wenwen once again shocked the international sports arena and set all three world records in just 5 trial lifts.

  Li Wenwen's brilliance not only comes from her dazzling achievements, but also from the lively sunshine between her gestures.

After winning the Tokyo Olympics, she raised her hands above her head, bending her arms to compare with a big "heart".

Against the backdrop of her huge body, this move was even more lovely, and she quickly swiped the screen on the Internet.

At the National Games, after completing the first clean and jerk to lock the championship, she once again showed her heart and won a full house of applause.

  "As long as I win the championship, I will compare my hearts." After the game appeared in the mixed mining area, Li Wenwen happily chatted with the media reporters.

She said that compassion is a kind of emotional release, and she likes everyone calling her "big baby" because it was started by the coach, which made everyone happy.

  As a "post-00", Li Wenwen is even more comfortable playing social media.

During the Olympics, she posted a video of herself sleeping on the floor, and the topic of "300-jin weightlifting girl sleeping on a cardboard bed like this" instantly made hot searches on Weibo.

During the quarantine period when she returned to China, she shared quarantine training videos and danced Northeast Yangko.

After coming to Weinan, she posted a video of remodeling the bed board, and an autograph written by "Smelly Bao"-she called the netizen who loved herself "Smelly Bao".

  "I just think it's fun, and it's something to adjust my mentality as an amateur..." When talking about her popularity on social media, Li Wenwen bluntly said that she "didn't think so much."

But in fact, her unintentional cutting into the willow, on the contrary, let the public understand the training and life of weightlifters, and also realize the cute side of weightlifters.

  At only 21 years old, she is already the three world record holder for women above 87 kg. Li Wenwen seems to come from another dimension.

Will "Dugu Defeat" feel lonely?

"No, I will continue to break through myself in training until I can't move." Her answer was simple and neat.

  The miracle of competitive sports is inseparable from hard training, even the talented Li Wenwen is no exception.

She is 1.78 meters tall and weighs 150 kilograms. She is at the highest level of women's weightlifting and has more training.

She revealed to reporters that even during the isolation period after the Tokyo Olympics, she would train alone in the room for two hours a day, and had a video call with the coach Wu Meijin in order to correct her actions at any time.

  After winning her first National Games gold medal, although she is eager to go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Li Wenwen has already aimed at the Asian Games next year, "I look forward to the Asian Games to complete the Grand Slam, and the Paris Olympics are only three years away."

  The coach Wu Meijin has a longer-term vision.

He said that as long as the women's weightlifting class is above 87 kg, they must go forward with Li Wenwen and win more Olympic gold medals.

"She is still so young, we enjoy this process together."

  In fact, before the Tokyo Olympics, Wu Meijin told Li Wenwen that the 2032 Olympics will be held in Australia, "Go together." Although this is a joke, it is foreseeable that Li Wenwen will rule the largest level of women's weightlifting for a long time in the future.

  How to face the future?

As she wrote on social media, “There is no return for your hard work day after day. Come on, young people.” (End)