After their victory in the highly emotional north derby, the HSV footballers ran immediately in front of their fan curve and were celebrated by the Hamburg supporters who had traveled with them.

With the 2-0 (2-0) at arch-rivals Werder Bremen, Hamburg reported back in the 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday and made it into the top group.

For Werder, however, the bitter defeat meant a first setback after two clear victories.

"Today everything went against us from the start," said Werder goalkeeper Michael Zetterer.

“An early goal, an unnecessary dismissal - that's a major setback.

We really wanted to win.

For the fans, the city, the club, for us as a team. "

The north duel met all expectations from the start and provided a topic of conversation for several weeks.

Two goals, two sent offs, a lot of discussions and numerous top-class chances in the final phase - after the first division afternoon with the exception of Bayern's runaway win against VfL Bochum offered a lot of dreariness, Werder and HSV delivered a gripping one in their first second division derby Exchange of blows.

"It was a very, very, very nice experience for us today," said Hamburg coach Tim Walter. “It was another step in our development.” Werder coach Markus Anfang was disappointed. “We didn't get into the game well. We weren't quick enough to act, ”said Anfang. “In the end, HSV deserved to win because they scored the goals. In the end we still had a few hundred percent chances that we unfortunately didn't take advantage of. "