Sumo Autumn Basho is on the 8th day of Chunichi.

However, Terunofuji Haruo, a new yokozuna who has won seven consecutive victories per person, will face Tamawashi in the flat curtain in order to win.

In the autumn place, the attention-grabbing new yokozuna Terunofuji is lining up with overwhelming strength, and on the 18th of the 7th day, 23-year-old Kotonowaka showed a difference in power, and only one person 7 It was a winning streak.

One defeat was not more than three roles, only 34-year-old veteran Myogiryu of the flat curtain.

Terunofuji will play against Tamawashi of the flat curtain in order to win in three consecutive places in China and Japan.

In the past, Terunofuji had 9 wins and 5 losses, and if Terunofuji stepped in firmly and assembled, the advantage would not be shaken.

As Tamawashi, I would like to find a chance to win by pushing down the yokozuna and attacking without allowing it to turn.

Myogiryu chasing with 1 loss is a match against Emperor Chiyono, and the past match record is 1 win and 2 losses of Myogiryu.

Myogiryu of the current place has returned to sharpness at the start, and it is advantageous if he does not allow the opponent to turn and takes the initiative with a quick attack that he is good at.

In the upper ranks, Masayo Ozeki, who lost two, received Kotonowaka's first challenge, and Mitakeumi Sekiwake, who also lost two, will play against Akio Shin Sekiwake.

In order not to allow Terunofuji to run alone anymore, it is expected that he will defend 2 losses with a good sumo wrestling and lead to the second half of the game.