It was at the TFC Stadium that Grenoble faced TFC, during the confrontation counting for the 8th day of Ligue 2. The two teams parted with a score of 4 to 1, to the advantage of TFC.

Onaiwu scored a brace, marking the game with his good performance.

Montanier chose to place his Toulouse group in 4-2-2-2 to face the balanced 4-2-3-1 of Jacobacci, who started the match with Sylvestre-Brac at the forefront.

Healey unlocked the counter, on a service from Genreau, in the 24th for the TFC.

Then, in the 35th and on a pass from Dejaegere, Onaiwu allowed Téfécé to take off.

At half-time, the score was therefore 2-0.

He was definitely in good shape because in the 47th, he scored again.

In the 71st, Grenoble conceded a goal from N'Goumou.

Finally, the final goal of the game was scored in the 79th place in favor of Grenoble by Anani.

The referee warned Spierings and Desler.

In the standings at the end of this meeting, the championship is still dominated by the same team, the TFC.

Grenoble does not change place and remains in 14th position.

TFC and Grenoble: the next matches

For its next match, the TFC will face Dunkirk at Marcel-Tribut on September 21 at 8 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, Grenoble will meet Nancy on the same day at the same evening, at the Stade des Alpes.

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The match sheet: line-ups, goals and refereeing

TFC - Grenoble: 4-1 (2-0 at half-time)

In Toulouse (Stadium TFC), September 18, kick-off at 3 p.m.

Grenoble coach: Maurizio Jacobacci

Composition from Grenoble: Brice Maubleu (1), Abdel-Hakim Abdallah (29), Jules Sylvestre-Brac (28) [then Mamadou Lamarana Diallo in the 46th], Jordy Gaspar (12), Adrien Monfray (5), Yoric Ravet ( 22) [then Loris Néry in the 64th], Manuel D'Iriondo (18), Anthony Belmonte (8) [then Florian Michel in the 75th], Franck-Yves Bambock (6), Manuel Perez (4) [then Orges Bunjaku in the 46th], David Henen (9) [then Marcellin Achille Anani in the 46th]

TFC trainer: Philippe Montanier

Composition of the TFC: Maxime Dupé (30), Anthony Rouault (24), Issiaga Sylla (12), Mikkel Desler (3), Rasmus Nicolaisen (2), Stijn Spierings (17) [then Moussa Diarra in the 74th], Brecht Dejaegere (10) [then Nathan N'Goumou in the 62nd], Branco Van den Boomen (8) [then Sam Sanna in the 67th], Denis Genreau (5), Rhys Healey (9) [then Mamady Alex Bangré in the 74th] , Ado Onaiwu (7) [then Yanis Begraoui in the 67th]

Goals: Healey (24th), Onaiwu (35th), Onaiwu (47th), N'Goumou (71st), Anani (79th)

Warnings: Spierings (46th), Desler (54th) for the TFC

No player sent off

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