The Northern French derby between Lens and Lille got out of hand on Saturday.

Hundreds of supporters of the home team took to the field during halftime to attack the away supporters.

The kick-off of the second half has been postponed due to the disturbances.

After a break of 45 minutes, it is intended that the game will be resumed around 18.30.

Additional police are present to ensure safety.

It was still 0-0 when it escalated in Lens.

With defending champion Lille, Sven Botman was central in the back.

It is the second time this fledgling season that supporters have caused problems in Ligue 1. Previously, fans of OGC Nice took to the field to attack Olympique Marseille players.

Marseille subsequently refused to play the Southern French derby.

Nice was penalized by a point deducted and the remainder of the game must be played out on neutral ground.

Moreover, Nice has to play three matches without an audience.


The half-time confrontation between Lens and Lille fans - the second half has yet to get underway.

(Credit: @ArthurPineau)


AuthorGFFNMoment of places16: 06 - September 18, 2021

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