Football World Cup is constant.

Not in a few years, but now.

For example in Lithuania.

There are currently 24 men's teams playing the indoor soccer world championship, officially called futsal.

On Wednesday the teams from Guatemala and Egypt faced each other, the game was led by Gelareh Nazemi.

An Iranian woman who directs a men's World Cup game. What she did in Vilnius is forbidden in her homeland. Women judging men in futsal, which is very popular in Iran? Not in the Islamic Republic, where state television regularly censors broadcasts from European leagues as soon as referees in shorts are on the green grass. Gelareh Nazemi - also thanks to the high level of the Iranian futsal players - whistled on the biggest stage her sport has to offer.

She had often thought of giving up because she had no support in her home country, she said three years ago before she whistled the final of the Youth Olympic Games. “But it made me stronger. You can and should do whatever you want, and above all I wanted to show men that I can. I did it on my own. "