It was revealed that Erika Araki, who was the captain of the Japan Women's Volleyball National Team at the Tokyo Olympics, will retire this season.

Araki is 37 years old from Okayama prefecture.

Taking advantage of spikes that make full use of techniques such as movement attacks and a height of 1 meter 86 cm, he played an active part as the center of the Japanese national team in blocks that stop the opponent's attack in important situations.

He made his first appearance at the 2008 Beijing Games and contributed to Japan's first bronze medal in 28 years at the 2012 London Games as a captain.

After the London 2012 Games, he continued to play at the top level while raising children, and also served as the captain of the Tokyo Games, which was positioned as the culmination, and played four consecutive tournaments.

According to people familiar with the matter, Araki will not participate in the volleyball V-League, which will start next month, and will retire.