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My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you informed about the World Cup qualifier of the Orange Women against the Czech Republic.

  • Qualifying series for the 2023 World Cup

  • Result:

  • Netherlands-Czech Republic


  • Debut national coach Parsons

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A difficult start for Mark Parsons with the Orange Women.

He plays a draw with his team in the World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic: 2-2.

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90 'There are four more minutes of extra time.

Can Orange prevent loss of points?

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The moment when Vivianne Miedema puts the ball ready, and then shoots in the 1-1.

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86' Pole!

Substitute Pelova sees her chance and tries it from the edge of the penalty area.

Keespter Votíková has no chance, but is saved by the post.

a few seconds ago

82' GOAL Netherlands!


Finally the Orange fans can cheer!

Who else but Vivianne Miedema will shoot the Netherlands on an equal footing with the Czech Republic.

Incidentally, Anouk Nouwen, who captured the ball and handed it in, can also receive a thank you from the striker.

a few seconds ago

79' Not again!

Miedema lays the ball with a heel for Roord, but her bet goes just wide.

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75 'Beerensteyn is just short of being able to send her acrobatic volley to a corner.

Her attempt is therefore easy to pick up by Votíková.

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a few seconds ago

Meanwhile, Sarina Wiegman can laugh in England.

She beat North Macedonia 8-0 on her debut as England coach.

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74 'Spitse immediately reports for the standard situations, but it does not yet yield the desired result.

a few seconds ago

69 'The second substitution at Orange!

Record international Sherida Spitse comes in for Jackie Groenen.

a few seconds ago

It's not exactly Vivianne Miedema's evening yet.

Incidentally, the striker is definitely not the only one who is not in the game.

2 minutes ago

64 'Mark Parsons' first substitution: Shanice van de Sanden leaves and is replaced by Lineth Beerensteyn.

2 minutes ago

9 minutes ago

58' Lat!

Lieke Martens is the end station of a smooth attack that ends with a hard shot against the aluminum.

10 minutes ago

54 'After the 0-1, the visitors dig in even further.

The Orange still has quite a lot of trouble creating chances and so they are also looking at the sidelines: who can bring in Parsons?

15 minutes ago

The joy of the Czech players after scoring the opening goal.

21 minutes ago

47' GOAL Czech Republic!


The problems start to pile up for Orange!

Just after the break, Andrea Stasková shoots the ball behind Sari van Veenendaal.

22 minutes ago

Kick off second half!

The ball is rolling again in Groningen.

Can the Orange Women prevent a false start under national coach Mark Parsons?

22 minutes ago

37 minutes ago


After 45 minutes, the team of debuting national coach Mark Parsons is still 0-0 against the Czech Republic.

39 minutes ago

41 'The Czech goalkeeper Votíková is quite an obstacle for the Orange Women.

Now she saves after a devastating swipe from Van der Gragt.

40 minutes ago

38 'Despite the 0-0 score, the mood in the stands is excellent.

A wave has been going around in the FC Groningen stadium for several minutes.

43 minutes ago

The players on the Orange bench see that the Netherlands is slowly but surely getting better in the game.

Nevertheless, it is still waiting for the opening goal.

an hour ago

36 'The chances are getting bigger and bigger.

Now Jackie Groenen seems to have the ball for the shot, but her attempt does not go through a Czech defender.

an hour ago

an hour ago

33' Miedema!

The home team's biggest chance so far is created by Shanice van de Sanden.

Her cross lands on Miedema's head, but the top scorer of all time heads wide.

an hour ago

26 'Stefanie van der Gragt strikes from a great distance, but her shot is turned by Votíková.

The next corner kick is also unsuccessful.

an hour ago

The new national coach Mark Parsons sees that his team is having a surprisingly difficult time in the opening phase against the Czech Republic.

an hour ago

22 'There is absolutely no question of an attack storm from Orange against the number 27 in the world ranking for the time being.

an hour ago

17 'Miedema does not go for its own success, but puts a broad emphasis on Van de Sanden.

However, the fast wing attacker does not get any power behind the ball, after which the Czech goalkeeper Votíková can easily pick up the ball.

an hour ago

10' Goal Czech Republic disallowed! 

A serious warning from the visitors from the Czech Republic: Stasková seems to score the opening goal, but referee Martincic disallows the goal.

The arbiter from Croatia whistles for a very light push from the Czech attacker.

an hour ago

The internationals visibly enjoy the presence of the Orange fans in Groningen.

an hour ago

5 'The game picture is immediately clear in the opening phase: 21 women are in half of the Czech Republic.

Only Sari van Veenendaal remains behind half of the Orange.

an hour ago

1 'Miedema, who was put in the spotlight before the match because of the milestone of one hundred international matches she reached in Tokyo, creates the first threat.

Her pass ends up in the hands of Czech goalkeeper Barbora Votíková.

an hour ago

Kick off!

Vivianne Miedema has started the match.

The road to the World Cup in 2023 has now really started!

an hour ago

The teams of the Netherlands and the Czech Republic appear on the field from the catacombs.

Just a few minutes until kick-off!

2 hours ago

Parsons declares

spare role


Record international Sherida Spitse is the most notable name missing from Mark Parsons' first starting line-up.

"Given her playing time and training structure after her injury, this is sensible," he explains his choice in front of the




The Brit does not rule out the possibility that the midfielder of Ajax will come into action later.

"She's very important on and off the field. So you'll see her tonight."

2 hours ago

The Orange and Czech Republic only played against each other three times in the past.

The last meeting dates from twenty years ago and that was the only time that the Netherlands lost.

On June 14, 2001, the Orange Women suffered a 2-0 defeat under the watchful eye of national coach Andries Jonker.

2 hours ago

The FC Groningen stadium is not unfamiliar territory for the Orange women.

An international match has been played in this stadium twice before.

On October 24, 2017, the World Cup qualifier against Norway was won 1-0 and three years later Estonia was beaten 7-0 in the European Championship qualifier.

2 hours ago


With the Czech Republic, record international Lucie Martínková is in the tip of the attack.

The 34-year-old attacker plays in her own country for Sparta Prague and has now won 109 international matches.

She scored 23 goals in it.

Czech Republic line-up:


Dlasková, Bertholdova, Necidova, Bartonova;

Krejciríková, Cahynová, Dubcova;

Stasková, Martínková, Szewieczková

2 hours ago


Sherida Spitse is missing from the Orange squad in Mark Parsons' first basic line-up.

As in the Olympic quarterfinal against the United States, which was lost after penalties, the midfield consists of Jill Roord, Daniëlle van de Donk and Jackie Groenen.

Netherlands setup:

Van Veenendaal;

Folkertsma, Van der Gragt, Nouwen, Janssen;

Roord, Van de Donk, Groenen;

Van de Sanden, Miedema, Martens.

2 hours ago

The players have arrived at the Hitachi Capital Mobility Stadium.


We are here!

👋 #NEDCZE #WKKqualification


AuthorOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of places17: 28 - 17 September 2021

2 hours ago

So the 2023 World Cup, that's what it's all about in this qualifying series.

The Orange will compete in a not too difficult group in the coming months against Iceland, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Cyprus.

All these four countries have never played in a World Cup before.

The team of Mark Parsons has already been qualified for the European Championship of 2022 in England.

2 hours ago

Parsons may not only make his first appearance with the Orange Women.

Five players hope for their debut tonight during the game against the Czech Republic: Jill Baijings (SGS Essen), Kerstin Casparij (FC Twente), Caitlin Dijkstra (FC Twente), Claire Dinkla (sc Heerenveen) and Barbara Lorsheyd (ADO The Hague).

2 hours ago

New era at Orange women: 'This team needed something new'

2 hours ago

After the painful elimination at the Olympic Games, the Orange Women are ushering in a new era today.

No longer with national coach Sarina Wiegman, but with Briton Mark Parsons, the Orange squad is starting the hunt for participation in the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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