In the semifinals of the Professional Basketball Cup, brothers Heo Woong and Heo Hoon were divided.

DB, where Heo Woong was very active, made it to the finals, and KT, led by his younger brother Heo Hoon, was eliminated.

After receiving a bound pass from DB Heo Woong, Freeman puts in a dunk.

And Heo Woong broke through himself and succeeded with a layup shot.

This time, from the outskirts, once again, he flew up with a defense.

The 3-point shot was also successful!

In this way, Ung Heo flew 20 points and 10 assists.

DB, which led up to the height of Kim Jong-gyu, advanced to the final, beating Hyundai Mobis by 10 points.

SK, with manager Jeon Hee-cheol taking over the baton, advanced to the finals by beating KT with an explosion of 30 points by star Kim Seon-hyeong.

Heo Woong's younger brother KT's Heo Hoon worked hard with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, but was blocked by SK's wall and had to swallow his disappointment.