Kingsley Coman of Bayern Munich has undergone heart surgery this week.

The 25-year-old attacker had to be operated on because a heart film showed that he was suffering from a mild heart rhythm disorder.

"Sometimes he had less air for a short time," said trainer Julian Nagelsmann.

Bayern Munich would not say what exactly the doctors have done, but the problem should at least be solved by now.

According to Nagelsmann, Coman can carefully resume training at the beginning of next week.

"He is not absent for more than a week and a half to two weeks."

Coman scored the winning goal in the Champions League final against Paris Saint-Germain (1-0) last year.

The Frenchman has played for Bayern Munich since 2015, with which he became national champion six times in a row.

The wing striker came in on Tuesday during the 3-0 Champions League match against FC Barcelona.

Nagelsmann said after the game that he actually intended to bring in Coman about twenty minutes before the end.

However, he did not come in until the 82nd minute, according to Nagelsmann because Coman had to go to the toilet for his substitute due to stomach problems.