Ura, the flat curtain of sumo wrestling, decided on the 16th to "send out" for the first time in about 16 years.

Ura, who was the 6th in the front, won the 4th in the front on the 16th, the first with Daieishō, and won the 2nd victory.

It is the first time in about 16 years since Yokozuna Asashoryu decided at the Kyushu location in 2005 in the Makuuchi area.

Ura has a variety of techniques such as "Izori" and "Tasuki Warp", and due to a serious injury to his right knee, the ranking was temporarily lowered from the Makuuchi to the second stage, but this time at the Nagoya location in July 21 I returned to Makuuchi for the first time in a place.

Ura said, "I don't know until I go home and watch the video. I don't know what the technique was, but I'm glad that the repertoire has increased by one."