The Swedish national ski team doctor Per "Pliggen" Andersson warns of a form of burnout in female cross-country skiers.

Where difficulties in balancing diet, exercise and recovery lead to athletes being forced to time out.

Norwegian Marit Bjørgen is one of the most successful cross-country skiers and she is pessimistic when it comes to finding a solution that works for everyone.

- It is a challenge in top sports.

I do not think we will get rid of this forever but have to live with it, she tells TT.

Bjørgen gives advice to talents who are at the beginning of their careers and risk having problems like this:

- Here it is important to have patience and really listen to the body.

"Very difficult problem"

Former national team skier Mia Karlsson is the mother and manager of Frida Karlsson and a long-time ski leader in Sollefteå.

- It is a very difficult problem, but it can be solved.

It is about de-dramatizing and providing the right information.

Here it is important to go through the three-sided triangle from primary school, which is about exercising, eating and sleeping, she says.

Karlsson tells how in Sollefteå you have coffee breaks after each workout.

Frida Karlsson and national team colleague Ebba Andersson have grown up with this.

- We do this not only because it is cozy, but to teach the young people that when you have trained, you fill up, says Karlsson.

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Charlotte Kalla.

Photo: Bildbyrån