Away Slovakia will be Sweden's first obstacle on the journey to the World Cup 2023 and the Olympics 2024.

After the Olympic silver, the blue-yellow ladies are ranked second in the world - and the favorite is in Sweden.

- For us, it is not about focusing on what you should do or not do.

To not put any value in the opposition but play our game, says Magdalena Eriksson to SVT Sport.

- We have taken ourselves extremely far in our game and a basic game that we all participate in.

Now it's about continuing to work and focus on everything, that's what we'll get to grips with tomorrow, she says.

"Announced tomorrow"

This is not the first time they have faced Slovakia.

The last time the teams met, Sweden won 6-0.

But for the national team captain Peter Gerhardsson, nothing is clear in advance.

- You do not win matches in advance.

We have respect for the opponents but with the belief that we can win, he says to SVT Sport.

A question mark before the match has been goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl's being or not being in the starting eleven after his injury.

But on Thursday, everyone trained fully.

- All players trained as usual and as always we value everything afterwards.

I will announce the decision I make tomorrow, says Gerhardsson.

CLIP: Elin Rubensson scored a dream goal for Häcken (September 12)

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Elin Rubensson stood for dream goal for Häcken.

Photo: Aftonbladet / Bildbyrån