The Tokyo Marathon, which is scheduled for next month, is expected to be canceled at the extraordinary board meeting to be held on the 17th because an emergency declaration has been issued in Tokyo.

This is the first time that the tournament, which has been held for 14 consecutive years, will be cancelled.

The Tokyo Marathon has been held in March every year with the participation of invited athletes and general runners from Japan and overseas. I decided to reduce the number of general runners by 30%.

However, according to the guidelines of the tournament, "when an emergency declaration is issued one month before the event" is the criterion for deciding to cancel.

The state of emergency in Tokyo has been extended from the 13th of this month, and according to the people concerned, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, which hosts the event, is expected to hold an extraordinary board meeting on the 17th to decide to cancel the event.

The Tokyo Marathon, which started in 2007, has been held for 14 consecutive years, including last year when the scale was significantly reduced due to the spread of infection, but this is the first time it has been canceled.

For general runners who were scheduled to participate in next month's competition, we are adjusting to participate in future competitions instead.