It is not yet known how many Tottenham supporters will be on the trip to Roazhon Park on Thursday night. Still, Spurs fans will have to leave their shirts and scarves in the closet. "In view of the proven risk of disturbances to public order", the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine has indeed taken several measures to frame the meeting between Stade Rennais and the English club within the framework of the Europa League Conference. The decree prohibits "any person availing himself of the quality of Tottenham or behaving as such to access the stadium and to circulate or park" in a perimeter going from the city center to the surroundings of Roazhon Park.

The sale of take-away alcohol as well as the consumption of alcohol on public roads will also be prohibited Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight on the Mitterrand mall, rue Louis Guilloux and in the area of ​​the road to Lorient as well as smoke bombs.

Since July 21, the wearing of a mask is also compulsory for anyone 11 years old and over near Roazhon Park.

The measure comes into effect two hours before the match each time and ends two hours after.


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