China News Service, Beijing, September 15th. On the evening of the 14th Beijing time, the international testing agency issued an announcement on its social media that the British sprinter Ujah's B bottle urine sample tested positive.

Prior to this, his A bottle test result was also positive.

Screenshots of social media from international testing agencies.

  In the previous Tokyo Olympics, Ujah represented Britain and won the silver medal in the men's 4x100m relay.

If he is found to be a doping violation, this medal will be cancelled.

According to regulations, the Chinese team, which was originally ranked fourth, will be promoted to third and won a bronze medal.

  On the evening of August 6th, in the men's 4x100m relay final of the Tokyo Olympics, Tang Xingqiang, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian, and Wu Zhiqiang ran a national record of 37 seconds and 79 ties in the midst of speed. The Chinese team ranked fourth in two consecutive Olympic Games.

  The gap between the Chinese team and the third-placed British team was only 0.09 seconds, but the Chinese team missed the chance to stand on the podium.

The Athletics Integrity Commission (AIU) issued an announcement.

  However, just a few days after the Tokyo Olympics ended, the Athletics Integrity Commission (AIU) issued an announcement stating that, based on feedback from the International Doping Testing Agency (ITA), disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against Ujah who is suspected of violating anti-doping regulations.

  At that time, the media reported that Ujah’s urine sample tested positive for bottle A, and he had the right to request bottle B testing.

If it is still positive, the Olympic silver medal will be cancelled.

However, as of now, there is no official result on the specific punishment of Ujah.

On August 6, in the men's 4×100m relay final of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team finished fourth with a time of 37.79 seconds. The fourth place also tied China's best results in the event.

The picture shows a group photo of the players after the game.

Image source: Visual China

  During the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian once said: "Don't talk about the gold medal, I have never seen an Olympic medal, especially want to find Gong Lijiao to borrow the gold medal to take a picture."

  Nowadays, the Chinese flying man is very likely to receive a tested and late recognition.

Real gold is not afraid of fire, only the results of hard power can never be afraid of questioning!