The KNVB, the Eredivisie CV and the Keuken Kampioen Division are delighted to respond to the cabinet decision to allow sold-out stadiums again from 25 September for matches in professional football.

For the first time in a year and a half, the stadiums can be fully used again on that day.

"Finally 'a full house' again, where the players on the field are maximally encouraged by as many supporters as possible. Is that safe? Yes, the Fieldlab studies have already shown that full stadiums are safe and responsible", argue the three organizations in a press statement.

Marianne van Leeuwen, the new director of professional football at the KNVB, is very satisfied with the latest developments.

"I have just been working at the KNVB for two weeks and I am happy that I can already respond to this good news for professional football," said Van Leeuwen.

"Finally there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel, after a long time in which something that 8 million football fans in the Netherlands cherish was suddenly less obvious. It is clear that a lot of hard work has been done in front and behind the scenes to ensure the continuity of the competitions and the return to the 'old normal'. Now it's almost time, a super important milestone for everyone involved."

'Have continuously adapted ourselves to new reality'

The KNVB, the ECV and the CED emphasize that professional football in the Netherlands has gone through a difficult period.

"We come from far. All clubs and the entire sector have had to fight hard all this time. Losses have been incurred. A lot of money has been invested in making the clubs corona-proof," the organizations reported.

"The competitions have been discontinued. We played in front of completely empty stands and then for a 'limited audience', where spectators were surrounded by empty seats. Everyone has also tested massively for corona. We have continuously adapted to the new reality. "

According to the three organizations, the supporters and sponsors have remained loyal throughout.

"Driven by club love and the hope for better times. We did not always agree with the government, just as they were not always happy with football. But we have come to a pleasant cooperation that has led to the moment where we are now Hopefully the pandemic is now mainly behind us and all remaining sectors can be fully unlocked as soon as possible."

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